Girls, opinions please?

I'm sure this has been asked a 100 times, but why are most women not open to the thought of making over a guy into a girl, but are accepting of lgbt?

I only ask because it is impossible to find a girl friend who doesn't mind hanging out, teaching/talking about makeup, and such. I've learned what I can, but still can't for the life of me do my hair, or specific makeup styles. It gets expensive quick going to a MUA, and having them do it.
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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  • I think it has to do with social norms and how certain things are categorized into feminine and masculine. They are taught when they are young what is expected and for some people I guess it is so instilled in their mind that they can't overlook it. They are accepting of lgbt because they are acknowledged as different, but not accepting of a seemingly "normal" person breaking these norms.

    • I can see how social norms would play a part in the overall outlook of things.

      I've met/talked to women who are in the makeup industry, and absolutely love doing what they do, but refuse, or find it weird to make a guy over. Just a strange contradiction I suppose.

  • Most girls I know are not really into makeup anyways. Others might just be bigots. Find a friend that already wears a lot of makeup or looks like she has skills.

    • I'd love to find a friend that has experience with makeup. Just difficult going up to a random girl, and saying I really love your makeup, can you teach me? Guess being an introvert doesn't really help in that department

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