What would look best on my body type? Help. :)

my boobs are 34B. I have a pretty small waist but I do have hips. unfortunately. And I don't really know how to dress my body. I'm learning but I want to wow my boyfriend with something new.

Usually I just wear jeans, t-shirt, converse, and a jacket. I Guess that's how I am most comfortable but the last year I have been trying new things. So any help would be really amazing. Pictures too. Thanks.


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  • It's a little hard to answer this question if I can't see a picture or have some kind of body description like pear or hourglass.

    But really just try as best as you can to like what you wear. Next time you go out shopping for clothes, bring a friend or friends (both guy and girl) to see witch clothes are the best from both sexes.

    • I would say Pear shaped.

    • Well then I'd say that you should wear medium to slightly darker clothes during the summer and fall months. Color offsetting during the seasons seems to draw attention towards the clothes. Specifically jeans and halter tops or T-Shirts. Winter and Spring months should be brighter colors and maybe a skirt or two with some long sleeves.

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  • If you can answer this,I could help you...are you a pear shape or hour glass?

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