Bisexual girls, do you find yourself trying to emulate what you find sexy in other people then what actually makes you feel confident?

For example, I dress super feminine with full makeup, super long hair, high waisted skirts and crop tops, chokers and dangly earrings, but I actually feel more confident in tomboyish grunge clothes. (Not butch, just more androgynous and comfy). Do you ever find that it's difficult to figure out the difference between your own style and the women you're attracted to? Since I'm attracted to romantic feminine forest nymphs I just sort of take that persona on to myself eventhough I don't like the attention it gets like being called sweetheart by everyone, constantly being mansplained to, or people thinking I'm shallow/gossipy and don't like video games, MMA, archery, computers, protesting, hiking etc. Don't get me wrong I love baking cupcakes and sephora but I'm by no means super 'girly'. Do you ever feel that you get put into gender stereotype boxes? I also feel more confident looking more gender neutral because it's easier to make guy friends since I feel like society has this conception of girls and guys can't be friends.


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  • It may appear weird a guy answering this. But if it's by any means correlate, and I think it does: I as a hetero man noticed a very similar pattern in myself not once. I've often tried to unconsciously imitate some elements of style I actually just really liked on girls. and it was always pretty stupid with my manly face when I tried. for example some haircuts or jewelry etc. I wanted to wear some things that were not actually looking cool on me, even somewhat feminine, just because I liked them on girls and I haven't realized that. I ended up just drawing a line what is where and what actually suits me as a person I want to feel myself and I just accepted that many of those likes were just those imitations and I simply shouldn't trick myself. it still works great for me like that.


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