Guys: What makeup should girls wear?

Guys what type of makeup a girl wears is very important. What do you prefer a girl wears?

  • No make up
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  • A little make-up like mascara and foundation
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  • Heavy makeup such as, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, heavy foundation, mascara, the works
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  • When a girl wears make-up,she's called fake and said to be falsely advertising.

    When a girl doesn't wear make-up,she is said to not take care of herself,her appearance or what she looks like.

    Guys say they want "natural" and dislike make-up,but that is because they've clearly never seen a natural woman in real life.They see women in magazines and assume all women have clear,flawless skin.When in reality,most women suffer from at least one of the following:rosacea,acne,large pores,uneven skin tone,wrinkles,blemishes,blackheads,redness,oiliness,dryness,under eye circles,puffiness,stretch marks,cellulite etc.When these are exposed,the women are told to cover up and that they do not take care of themselves.Some women have multiple combinations of these.

    They think all women are 100% tight,fit and toned.Spanx anyone?

    They think all women have long,lush,full healthy hair.Extensions,weaves,tracks?Ever heard of that?Of course when a woman in a magazine wears such,you hear no complaints from men,but on this site,everything is just against women trying to feel good about themselves.

    They don't realize,the women in reality do not compare to women in magazines that they drools over.

    There was one girl on here who said that many of the guys on here are young and inexperienced,those are the ones claiming to like "natural" where as the older and more experienced guys do not say such things or judge women by their make-up or accessories.

    I copied and pasted..

    ADD:Guys don't care how much or how little or what you wear.So long as it makes you look good

    • Actually we rather like the imperfections that they're trying to hide. It makes them look real.

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    • Yes. But the tendency for me shows that if you have a ridiculous amount of make-up on, you will NOT look good. Also, you can't really be certain that we would all be drooling over magazines. Real girls are hotter. xD

    • Again,ask Maxim,I think they disagree:-)So do the thousands of individuals labeling the hottest women on earth who happen to what?oh yea,wear a pound of make-up

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What Guys Said 6

  • Little to none. Heavy makeup makes you look like either:

    A. A high maintenance prissy bitch.


    B. An emo little kid.

    Depending on how you have it.

  • Loveless123,

    This is tough question for a guy...mostly cause were idiots at best and contrary to what you believe we are idiots and know mostly zip epecially when make up is involved other than your lips are shinny...

    But I love an EMO type girl that wears a lot of dark eye makeup and has blue eyes.

  • little to no make up. focus more around the eyes though. but not much. wayyy too many girls nowadays make clowns of themselves with makeup.

  • I'd prefer a little makeup while keeping a clean look. Generally girls don't need make up but will do wonders for some. I also have a thing for the emo look like Snackeyq does.

  • something which makes the eye's more beautiful

  • B and C can look good. I love the emo/scene look and some girls are good nearly natural.


What Girls Said 2

  • So far in the poll most of the guys have said they want no makeup, and despite what they may honestly think, this is a lie. When they see girls in magazines and movies and shows who supposedly have no makeup on, in reality they have quite a bit on. And though girls are able to tell if someone has makeup on since they apply makeup everyday, unless the girl has caked-on foundation, bright eyeshadow and red lipstick, guys won't necessarily even know she has makeup. They do like the "natural" look though, but trust me, unless you are in the 1% of the population who looks flawless naturally, they generally like subtle, natural-looking makeup.

    And I agree with Evangelina214, guys don't care how much or how little or what you wear. So long as it makes you look good. And for most girls, doing things like correcting your skin tone a bit or wearing a little mascara, makeup will make you look better.

    • Actually we rather like the imperfections that they're trying to hide. It makes them look real. Don't much care for the flawless magazine look.

    • Maybe to some people, but with everyone I know, it's always the girls who wear makeup that are though to be "hot" and the ones that don't seem to be mainly ignored by guys. Maybe that's just a coincidence or whatever, but still.

  • I agree with secondbestkiller and evangelina214. It souldn't matter to guys, it is the personality that counts. I only wear eyeliner but I don't put it on heavy and I wear mascara, then lip gloss.