Girls, What's the best way to roll up your T-shirt sleeves high and tight on the arm?

Ok so I'm asking girls this, because its not that common for men to roll up their t-shirt sleeves unless you're like me and get hot easily and just wants to keep cool. I usually like mine very short so I cuff my sleeves about 3 times, sometimes 4 depending on how oversized the shirt is. I just don't know how to make them look neat and rolled up uniformly and keep them rolled up. They always start to roll down and they look messy. I feel like girls do this more often and know tricks and how to roll my sleeves up nicely and neat. Anything helps ladies


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  • Roll them 1-3 times depending on the shirt and your arm. You want to stop where its snug around your biceps. Don't over do it. And sometimes, one roll will do it, where the stitches are on the sleeves.

    • One cuff is never enough for me. Lol I like them to be really short so I do it around the bicep or sometimes a little bit beneath the shoulder. Best way to cool off for me. I just don't know how to roll them tight so they don't roll back down :( also do you think rolling them up right beneath the shoulder is too much and maybe that's why they don't stay?

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    • How did they not realize how lucky they were? You're beautiful and honest and sweet...

    • Follow me so I can send you a message hun

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