Anyone know of any cheapish but decent spray to keep hair straight once straightened?

Or to spray on before you straighten it, to make it last longer.

I've got really thick hair that always just ends up somewhat wavy.


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    ^^ I have short hair... but, with the combination of the got2b (like a thick gel) and the Fatboy (a pomade), I can make my hair do ANYTHING. I can make it stand straight up if I want to.

    The argan oil is something that will make yr hair more workable and malleable, in general — and shinier! — if you use a few drops of it every day.

    • Thanks, the things I've tried just seem to make my hair really greasy so I stopped using the products. Is there a particular shop or website that you get them from?

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    • Thanks I never knew that for under eyes people always say sleep more and I'm like I've had them for 6 years I just end up using foundation. Other people say to use moisturiser every day but I'm wary about doing that since I've read studies saying your skin relies on it and becomes more dry

    • Yah no prob! Give it a shot ♥️

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  • Same problem, really thick hair! Have found nothing yet, even some tough gels surrender to my hair after the wind ets to it. I live in a very windy city though. And using conditioner seems to help a bit. I also comb dead hairs out whenever Im in the shower, and conditioner seems to make thst more effective. But yes, this is the question! Can you let me know if you find a better answer? :p

  • After seeing your pic to judge id say your hair looks great so if i had a say id say leave it.

  • Nope


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  • I have really thick and long and fizzy hair and the only thing that works is hairspray. I use TRESemme but it doesn't feel the best on your hair and TRESemme isn't the best hair product.

    • Yeah it isn't for me either it did work for around a month but then started making my hair go really greasy

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