Seems to me there is an abundance of attractive Australian women and zero decent guys in Australia..true?

I hear this from military people at work all the time. I only know one female friend who moved to Australia to marry a guy she met online...and he was a decent christian guy. But I was curious about it true about the majority of guys? Sounds like a country I would like to visit...girls that want decent? I told a girl last night actually that I wanted to take things slow...(my body still doesn't lol...but that beside the point). Learn how her head ticks before anything else...I want a relationship...not a sex toy that doesn't speak back.


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  • im australian, and there's a lot of decent guys here. But I think that any country you go too that will be the case. Most of the guys here just drink alot, apparently they consume the most alcahol then any other country, that may bring their decency down a couple of notches.

  • well I don't know if that's true or not over in australia but I think that's just the majority of the world.. every time I go to the mall or to a store I see like 50 pretty girls and if I'm lucky maybe one allright lookin guy. I thinks its becuase girls have makeup and hair products because that really does make a HUGE difference

    • =/

      If your older then high can't take into account malls. The majority of the pop. there is preteen, teen kids and families. You go to stores with a little bit high price will find more attractive people...but that's besides the curious to hear more about australia.

      ! So uh...point these pretty girls out (50 girls...50 chances to win! =p) Thanks for commenting miss. ^^

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