Girls, Why do girls dislike when a man rolls up his T-shirt sleeves a little beneath shoulder length?

The only reason I ask this is because I find it to be very comfortable considering I live in the heat and humid weather. For casual wear, I love to wear my favorite Tee shirts and just roll up the sleeves 3-4 times depending on size of shirt and I like to be beneath shoulder length so I can have the most flexibility and to feel cooled off. Girls' shirts usually always have sleeves that are as short as when I roll mine up and that's ok.. But why is it looked at differently when I wear sleeves of that same length? What do you ladies think? Do you like or dislike sleeves rolled up to that length? And why?


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  • Honestly, i feel like it's ur life therefore your choice, no one should have a say in what you do with ur clothes as long as it is not showing too much to the children (as in indecent things) then it shouldn't be a problem. I have seen plenty of guys just not wearing any t-shirts on a hot day in summer.

    • Thanks sweetie! And no I don't care at all in the sense that I roll up my sleeves whenever a T shirt.. I'm gonna do it no matter what people say I was just curious to know why some girls may find it weird or unattractive you know? I guess they're not used to seeing men with sleeves as short as theirs. Lol

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    • plus im more of jeans and shirts girl

    • You're the best kind of girl then. I love girls who are laid back like that. I'm the same way as you can tell. Lol yeah some people say I'm trying to show off my muscles or w. e I'm like no. My arms aren't even that muscular, they're just thick and I like it because its laid back and It looks good.. People are so stupid sometimes. Lol

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