Would you talk to someone who have a fresh pair J's on with some less than decent clothes on?

I was experimenting today when I had a fresh pair of J's on with some lame clothes just to see if women would talk to me despite what I had on. Basically, I looked like a hot mess.


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  • hey, this makes me think of a typical scenario, Friday afternoon, after work around four to five p. m guys in the bars after work in their day working gear, fair enough of course, its not judgement, however, ladies know these guys are around then... hhhmmm,, so if a guy had gone home took a quick shower changed smelled good and only thirty minutes behind his mates he is going to stand out and i would certainly take that on board that he had made that effort... also the bonus is if he meets someone on the chance he doesn't then have to leave to get fresh and lose that potential chance? xx

    • To avoid missing out on an opportunity, I expect the man to talk to the woman despite what he's wearing. Most people can't see pass a person appearance since that's usually the first being noticed. So, basically you wouldn't talk to the man who looks like a bum so to speak over someone who has taken the time to look and smell good?

    • no not at all, and ftr one of my previous partners was homeless sofa surfer whos trainers literally were falling apart and couldnt even buy me a coffee when we met... xx perhaps i was getting carried away with the idea of him not having to leave haha xx

    • What was it about the homeless surfer man that made you lower your standards and say not only will I date you but I'll move you in with me etc?

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