Do you care what kind of underwear the opposite sex (if you're straight, or bi/pan etc..) wears?

To me, and this is just my opinion, not fact, just opinion, got that Trumpers, my OPINION, that I think when women are just out doing stuff in public, they should be comfortable, wearing boxers or whatever. When it comes to sexy time though, I prefer her be in something lacy, or silky. I love the look and feel of silk and can be a real turn on to ME, I don't know about anyone else.

I realize though that certain underwear, when worn with tight clothes, gives pantylines, but, honestly, I don't really care if it does. Why should I care if I see a girls panty line or not. It's not a turn off, but it's not a turn on either. Why should I be turned on by a little old lady's panty line. I'm not attracted to little old ladies in their 50's, 60's, 70's, etc..

So, what about you, what are your thoughts on the underwear of the opposite sex?


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  • More interested in whats underneath to be perfectly honest

  • Only if it's weird. I prefer simple underwear.


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