Doing Eyebrows With Razor?

Any tips on how to do eyebrow with a razor. I brought a little pack of the razors to do eyebrows and I did get some of the hair off but it hurts a little but I’m getting the hang of it and I want to know if u have my tips on how to make it safer and less hurtful.


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  • You would only use a razor to clean up the outside of the brows, like the thin hairs on the side of the face near the brows, but have nothing to do with your brows. Or it's in the middle of your brows, or up high on the brows. That's the only time you would use them, to "clean up" around the area. Use an eyebrow razor, especially the smaller ones. You are probably shaving it off at the wrong angle.
    I recommend getting your eyebrows done at a professional salon. It will hurt, but I promise, you, the outcome will be much better.
    Make sure you do good research on the salon as well.
    Plucking hurts initially, but you will get used to the pain afterwards.

    • I wanted to learn to do then professionally that’d why I’m asking and I do use them to clean up. I usually use my electric razor that works really well.

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    • Yes, facial moisturizer with water. Again, just a little bit of the moisturizer where it's liquidy upon application. I would do this after you shower and wash your face. Dab a little bit of moisturizer around the brows (while your face is still wet), let it sit for about ten minutes, then add some water and a little bit of moisturizer again. Just so that your skin is relaxed first.
      I would recommend taking an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to draw the shape you want so you don't go past the lines you drew. But do this after you have moisturized your skin.

    • It does not matter what color eyebrow/eyeliner pencil you use, it's just acts as a guide.
      Follow your natural eyebrow shape, don't force anything unnatural, like what I had done for a long time. Your natural eyebrows are the best, and now I have just stuck to cleaning them up by tweezing the outside of the brows. As you get older, your eyebrows will thin out.

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  • no, no, please dont shave your eyebrows, not a good idea.
    you get a shadow inbetween your eyebrows because of the shave, like the same when you see guys who shave their jaws. i would suggest plucking instead.

  • After seeing all the fails on social media..
    good luck


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  • Honey, it's story time. I thought this was a good idea, but ended up shaving half of both my eyebrows off when I was younger. It is not a good idea, get them professionally waxed

  • Why dafuq would you wanna do that


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