What are you wearing right now?

I am wearing a black lacy top, leather skirt, black sheer stockings, a black blazer with hounds tooth design and ankle boots.


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  • Unfortunately, nothing "sexy", or well, deemed by society as "sexy". I'm wearing a pair of sandals, a pair of socks (yes, I know, fashion flaw, but, I put them on because I needed to go outside real quick and it's not like I was seeing anyone important, you know how that is ladies, amiright?) anyway, I'm wearing, jeans, a pair of boxer briefs for underwear (sexiness of the boxer, security of a brief, best kind of underwear for men, IMO), and then a shirt and a sweatshirt over it that has clarinet reeds on it and it says "reeding is fundamental". Hopefully you get that joke. Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for anything "better" than that


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  • I’m wearing Peter Alexander pyjama pants, a red silk tank top, a grey sweater, my purple
    unicorn slippers and messy tied up bed hair πŸ‘ŒπŸ½


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