Which style hair you prefer?

So, looking to get a short haircut.

Based on my face shape, I've been looking and found these most feasible. Which style do you like or prefer? Any comments on why I should or shouldn't choose a particular link is welcome. But please be constructive.

1. In this link I'm looking at Agyness Deyn 4th one down


2. link

3. In this link I'm looking at Mandy Moore in the bottom right


4. link

5. link



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  • I think you should chooses the Mandy Moore one. If your face shape looks like one of those pictures then choose the hairstyle of that face. It will be easier if you show us a picture of you but I hope this answer helps you.

    • Well I looked it up that I have a square face, and all of those girls have square faces. So the face shape should be the same to all of them. I do have the same kind of hair color as the Mandy Moore one though.

    • O okay then you should go with that one :)

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  • I like the Mandy Moore length, but I also like Jessica Simpsons bangs... so maybe the Mandy Moore with Jess's bangs?

    Haha :)

  • i like the jessica simpson one and the mandy moor one. if your face shape is square the mandy moore might be the most flattering