Makeup lovers, do you think there should be a standard measure for skin tone/shade that you can use to find out your foundation?

Like instead of having to learn what shade are you in every single brand you just have one standard tone like M. A. C. shade blah blah blah and suppose when a new foundation arrives in the market and you want to try it you can tell the ones in store that this is your shade and they will tell you which foundation shade it is in that specific brand. No more buying the wrong shade! At least the shade would still be way less off or can be worked with if it's still the wrong shade.

This can also be handy in the lipstick swatch videos on YouTube so that you know whose video you should follow the most to shop for yourself.

I know that various other factors need to be considered and a standard measure like that would never be 100% but it would make life so much easier for good.


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  • It would be great, but since some brands have like 60 different shades and some have ten, it would be hard to make a compromise on the amount of different shades, since all companies don't have the resources to make all the different shades.

    For me it's pretty easy, because most of the time it's the lightest shade they have, but people who have a trickier skin color would definitely benefit from it.


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  • I just always ask for the lightest one. That's the only one that can ever look natural with my shade.

    • There are super-light skin tones and super dark skin tones... and then there is the vast number of shades in-between. So most of us have to swatch many times to find out shade.

  • Yes!! I never pick the right foundation.


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