How can you tell if you`re attractive?

What kind of messages do other people show to you, or how do you just know in general?

People say I`m beautiful and I have attracted guys, but never attractive ones... can I say I`m not attractive then or is it possible for me to attract someone good looking in the future?


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  • I’m with you on that one.
    But like I get compliments from guys not girl.
    Guys: you got a great body, you’re sexy, boss man told me hello handsome.

    Girl: hello, I think this other girl said he cute.

    Hell I dont know if I am attractive always had a issue with the way I look and I work hard on my looks.


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  • They compliment you from time to time, they offer you free stuff quite often, they offer to take you to rides etc etc


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  • Ok if your attractive you confidence says you don't care what people think but maybe I totally off base I'm attractive plus you don't flaunt it it's given to you I don't know I ahutup

  • If people say that to you, most likely are.


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