Guys!! - are stretch marks a turn off?

okay, I have always been a thin girl.

i weigh 47kg, have longer skinny legs, small waist, boobs, and a toned butt. But the thing is, I went on the pill, and over the SHORT timespace of about a week, my boobs went straight to a size C, and my butt grew just a little bit. its not that I'm fat or anything, but because it was all so so quick, I got stretch marks on my butt.!

im getting really self conscious of it, and I don't know if my boyfriend has seen or not. I'm pretty sure I can get ointment that helps them disappear, but I want to know from you guys- is it gross? do I have anything to be worrying about? because I am.

what would you think if you saw my ass with stretch marks?

the only person who can see it is my boyfriend cause I'd have to be naked for you to see, but I think they are pretty full on marks.


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  • I think you are answering your own question. Stretch marks are like any other irregularity. They are "imperfections" and everyone has those. The fact that you are concerned about them tells me you already know that. Are they a turn-off, I doubt it, they are probably not as bad as you perceive them to be. You sound like a really cute girl and little shit like that doesn't matter, if it does, he has the problem.


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