Why does a pothead want to date a goody two-shoes?

If a guy is trashy, gets drunk a lot, smokes weed, and is a womanizer, why does he go after a 'good girl'?

Thanks for your input. It's things like this that make me question the entire male gender.


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  • it could be a number of things one is could be like the guy under me said he might want to try and change and wants the girl to show him the light. 2nd he could just be trying to take advantage of a good girl try and test his skill to see how long it will take to turn her iv met a lot of guys like that. and there is always that chance that he wants her for her rep like hey if I'm with this girl it will make me look less of a jack ass? that's all I got hope it helps

    • Yeah, I think it's that he wants her "to show him the light". Haha.

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  • some guys believe that all it takes is the right girl to turn them around,i know I wasn't a any of those things but I did meet a girl I like enough to changes a few things about myself.Maybe that what he see in this girl

    • But he needs another person to help him turn himself around? Glad he dumped me before picking her up.

    • Guys suck.

  • Because a lot of stupid girls will fall for that guy. Even though they know it's wrong.

    • Nah, I seriously think he thinks he's going to change his ways. Who knows if that will actually happen. He's kind of a pig.

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    • Oops read that wrong. :| Anyway yeah if you think he's a pig don't date him.

    • No, I said he thinks he will.

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  • I dated that kind of guy once when I was 16. I'm more the good girl type, especially then, and he was the pothead. To be honest, I think he went for it partly because he wanted to "corrupt" the good girl, and partly because most girls wouldn't even give him a chance because of his lifestyle. So it was sort of a want what you can't have thing. I shouldn't have given him a chance. I did because I thought I could handle his lifestyle and then when I realized I couldn't, he told me he would change. These guys DONT change. If they wanted to change, they would've already.