If there’s always someone who’s going to be prettier than you, then who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

I keep hearing people say “there’s always someone who’s going to be prettier than you”. If that’s the case, who’s prettier than the prettiest of the prettiest.

Subjectively, someone maybe prettier than you but not objectively since there isn’t an individual whom everyone will agree is attractive. This is why I don’t agree with the logic of this statement.

Any thoughts?


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  • There may be someone prettier than me


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  • There's always someone prettier than you because its a subjective standard.

    • Someone may think that Rosie O'donell is hotter than Kim Kardashian. Thereby, subjectively, Kim Kardashian is less attractive. But, objectively, she's not.

    • I think that everyone is attractive in their own way. It just depends on who you ask.

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