Is it harder for a girl to look at a guy they think is cute, especially if he is right in front of them?

I was sitting in a chair across from a couch full of girls and every time I took a quick peak at them they were looking everywhere but at me, they even looked at this dorky guy from Pakistan. Is this a sign of attraction or not interested at all?

Background about me:

I'm tall


And have a moderately cute/attractive face


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  • That's a sign of attraction! Girls have a hard time looking right at guys they think are out of their league! Especially if we're shy around I am!


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  • If I was that girl, it would be a sign of attraction. I look the opposite way away from him, but sometimes try to look at him through the corner of my eye.

  • Well I guess it kinda depends on the girl , when I find a guy attractive I usualy avoid eye contact I guess that's stupid of me but it's definately not because I don't like the guy it's because I'm shy so maby they were just the shy type .:)

    • Or I guess I might not of been their type? Who knows, maybe all three found geeky Pakistani guys with glasses attractive. Although these girls were moderately attractive themselves, so I don't see why they would like geeky guys :/

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