What the hell is wrong with her?

So about a month ago I went to jail for 5 days. (It's my first charge ever, I have never been in trouble before, and I am not a trouble maker, I was just put in a bad situation.)

Anyways, apparently while I was gone my ex fiance went over to my friend Kims house. (Keep in mind that Kim is fat, ugly and not his type.) She said that he tried to sleep with her and she kicked him out. He said the opposite.

Anyways, her and I haven't talked for a few weeks. He went to jail and I broke up with him because of the incident. Today I IMED her and we talked about how things were going, then she asked if she could visit him.

What the hell is wrong with her? I am going to post a copy of our conversation.

Her: When are visiting hours if you don't mind me visiting him

Me: For what purpose?

Her:Just to say hi

He is my friend

Me:Oh, well, you do what you want, but because of what happened I don't like it.

Her:Ok wow what ever

R you together?

Me:Put yourself in my shoes with Jose and you and everything. What would you say if I asked to visit Jose?

Why? You two are newly single or what?

Her: Can't say hi to someone I've known since I was a kid

What are you talking about

Me:You guys have known of each other because of Michelle, but it's not like your best friends.

Kim:Who's newly single

Me: I'd understand Michelle.

Both of you.

Kim:Umm I've known him the same t

U know what he ain't even my type sh*t

Me:No, you really haven't.

I don't know that.

Kim:Umm yeah I have but ok

Me:I don't even know why your thinking about it.

Kim:Yeah okay

thinking about what

Me:Okay, so you were mad that John was lying or whatever, but than all the sudden you want to go visit him?

That makes no sense, what would you guys even talk about?

Kim:John isn't my type and I'm talking to someone else already that's why jose is moving

Me:I'm sure you don't have a type.

Kim:And how would you know that

Me:Johns cute.

Is it even wrong of her to ask? What should I do?


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