Do you prefer clean shaven, stubble or a full beard?

I know that it mostly depends if the guy can pull it off. But in general, what would you girls prefer?

Also guys feel free to chime in with your experience (ie did you get more compliments with a beard, or a stubble, or do you look better clean shaven?)
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Anyone else?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends to the guy

    • Obviously. But lets just say he can pull off all three, what would be your preference then?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I have a round face. I know I will never look good without a beard because, invisible jawline. That's why I keep a beard.

    • I actually have a great jawline. Thats why I always shaved. Wanted to try something new tho, 1 week in and I have a great stubble that accentuates my jawline even more. At this point Im not sure if I should just maintain or let it grow into a proper beard

    • Let it grow. You can always shave later.

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  • It depends on the guy's face.


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