Is it more important to have beauty or brains?

i have noticed that most men I date, date me because I'm "hot" not because I'm a very smart individual. Most men do not even hold conversations with me and when they do they argue that they are right not me why is that?


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  • well guys aren't looking for a genius as there girlfriend but for them to stay interested and want to be with that person they have to have a lot more to offer than there beauty they must be able to hold a decent conversation nobody wants someone whos hot but has nothing going on upstairs its all well and good for a one time thing but not for a serious relationship

  • I think it's important to be pretty, but you should have something else going for you too. I'm smart too and I've also never had a guy be impressed by my GPA or anything. Mostly, they (the good ones) like the fact that we can talk about different things, I think that is the appeal of the intelligent girl. Because with dumb ones I think they just talk about sex and I don't know what else lol. Guys that don't hold conversations with you and try to devalue your intellect are just not right.are you dating the wrong guys?

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