Bring back the beard!!! Yay or nay?

Tell us what you think... Tho I will defend against any sacrilegious blasphemy's against the way of the BEARD!!! ;)

Bring back the beard!!! Yay or nay?!?Bring back the beard!!! Yay or nay?********************************************************************************************************
Bring back the beard!!! Yay or nay?Bring back the beard!!! Yay or nay?

  • Hell yeeaaahh!
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  • I can't understand the beardless world

    • Neither can I brother! I used to be military buzz cut and clean shaven as a teen - till I realised how I was wasting my genetic potential, and how a grown ass MAN should really look!!!

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    • Yup, knew a guy that got a pretty bad infection from just shaving

    • What can I say... Hail beardsmen haha!

  • Lol, uuurrggh

    I just like diversity. I'm fine with either. I think its just a matter of choice.


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  • Movember starts tomorrow so bring it back

    • Haha a true beard can never be grown in one month, but it's a damn good time to start it brochacho!!!

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