What To Do About Red Hair Color?

I dyed my hair yesterday at the salon and it’s not the exact color I want. Right now it’s a darker burgundy/red with a more violet in it I believe she said but I want it a lot lighter/brighter red than it is because I feel like it doesn’t look so red and only mostly in certain lights and I don’t want it to be like that. And I don’t want it to look orangy! Is there anything at home I that I can do to fix it today? like go buy a box of bright red dye and dye it? The top half of my head was my natural color (light brown). I hadn’t dyed that part in almost two years and the bottom half of my hair was bleached blonde (ombré look) that I had done in like April as you have seen in pictures. The bottom half of the color she did i don’t like at all and the color she put in on top she didn’t lighten it at all or bleach it and just put the burgundy/red in. I didn’t really want to wait a month for it to get fixed yet I also didn’t wanna try and fix myself because I know red is tricky to deal with but if I am able to fix it tonight then I would like to. I also don’t want to go back to salon because I dont have time and I don’t want to offend the lady. Any tips/ideas on what to do?


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  • There's a certain shampoo/dye ( not sure what it is exactly?) that washes out the hair dye and brings your hair back to the lightest shade you had. You should be able to get these at your drugstore. I'd suggest just going back to blonde and redyeing it with a colour you really like.

    • Yes I know what ur talking about. I read about it online. I’m too scared to do that tho. Esp since my ends are so dead from when I used to have the blonde in it. I asked my bfs cousin who does hair and she told me to not do it myself and yes to dye it blonde and redye it red. I just wished I didn’t have to wait and could fix it tonight

    • Hmmm... I guess the dead ends won't improve from any more colouring at all. You could have it cut or use a good hair conditioner I guess.
      Just dyeing it lighter again would probably do just as much damage as the washout-shampoo. But I'll google and try to find it out :)

  • Usually salons will have some kind of policy that if the stylist screwed up or you simply didn't like how it turned out, you can go back in within a week or two and get it done again for free. Call and ask the owner of the salon


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