He NEVER tells me how he feels.

My ex-boyfriend and I have been friends for 8 years over-all, and dated for a year and a bit. I cannot deny my feelings towards him, which are really strong, but there's a huge problem which is that he NEVER tells me how he feels. from time to time, he does, but very rarely. The even bigger problem stands here: a week ago, I saw him after coming back from a trip, and for 3 consecutive days, he wouldn't stop telling me how much he loves me and all. Suddenly, the 4rth day, no more texts, no calls, no nothing.

Bottom line: he's a HUGE mood swinger, and I can't put up with that, but every time there's 1% of chance to talk to him I cannot help but grab it ! there's something addictive about him.

I'm in desperate need of good advice on what to do, this is crushing me by the minute :s !


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  • This is common upon men. Most men fell that to disclose their personal feelings means that they have become a servant to them. In the man's psyche, men like to think that we are in a hierarchy style social contact. If we feel that we have become a servant to something, then we are lower than we wish to be.


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