Men may have it worse when it comes to the media.

While I am against many of the ideals the media has about women, I feel men may have it worse.

Yes, with women, the really thin models seem to be the ideal. However, there are thicker women that are portrayed. There are portrayals of all kinds of women. For some, you may have to look a little harder but they are there. Even for larger women, there are "chubby chasers," and all kinds of things. Also, no matter what shape you are, you can find a style that is going to work for you. No, you may not end up looking like Tyra Banks, but you can dress to emphasize or hide certain features.

However, for men, there are a lot fewer ideals. There is the large muscular man, and the thinner but still muscular man. There is the "nerd" but its like the "Seth Rogan" idea. where Its either not portrayed as much or its still in the safe zone. When it comes to women's love of men, I never hear about "chub chasers" or fetishes for various types of men. Men don't even have the option of wearing different clothes to emphasize or hide features. For the most part a tee shirt is a tee shirt. You can wear them tighter, but there isn't much variation.

I must say, I feel a lot worse for men


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  • Don't feel bad for them. Honestly.

    An overweight man will always have a higher percent chance of getting hitched than an overweight woman.

    It`s not a big deal at all when a guy has a few extra pounds. Girls will just pat his belly and call him her "teddy bear".

    The woman will then boast about how protected she feels around a man so large, even if it's all fat and no muscle.

    Which is nice. Because what the hell would a guy call a woman after he pats her belly?

    she's his "whale"?

    In regards to clothing, we have different outfits that flatter our bodies because WE HAVE TO! To look good for our men.

    Men don't have those things because it doesn't matter!

    We have to put on a nice dress, high heels, do up our hair, and makeup and smell nice. All a guy has to do is roll out of bed, and don jeans and a t-shirt to look handsome no matter what his size. And really...when you think about it...what the hell else are they gonna wear?

    Hey, and at least guys like Seth Rogan are in Hollywood! He's not very fit, and not necessarily that good looking. But women do find him attractive because he's really funny. A larger woman who's funny won't be any hotter than Rosie O'Donell.

    I bet you can't name a single prevalent woman in Hollywood right now that is on the larger size and still as successful as him? Oprah doesn't count. Don't worry, I'll wait.

    I mean, you could say Queen Latifah or something else as equally lame, but no one finds her hot, we all know it. No one looks at her in a sexual way in the media.

    And even though the media is beginning to have a larger portrayal of women, it is only en lieu of all the rail thin models dropping dead, and a public outrcry to do so. Really, when you think about it, the models that we call plus-sized, are really just average sized women, but only look bigger because they're still trying to fight ladies like Kate Moss for air time on magazines or runways.


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  • Well I'm pretty surprised that a woman has this perspective. I mean men have to be the bread winner, the provider, the stronger of the two, the wall, usually. That's the traditional man, right? It's hard to be that now a-days because of how the economy is right now. Being the sole person that brings home the bacon is really hard. Then trying to make enough money to have a home, a nice car (maybe 2), a comfortable life to pay the bills for a family of a wife and 2 children who need to have school paid for and social activities and clothing, food, the latest electronic gadget to help their social life, and then pay for house bills (avg. 3000+/m, this includes property tax, utilities, mortgage), car payments/insurance (avg. 500+/m), schooling for the kids (10 000/yr per child maybe more or less depending on child's age and what schooling they need), and then getting hounded by your boss to get sh*t done and make a stone bleed, or you won't have a job or get that raise or whatever, all the while keeping romance alive in your relationship, or trying to have fun of any sort with your family or friends or a break from any problems. But you're a man, you don't have problems to deal with. You are the bread-winner, the provider, the one to lean on. You don't need anyone to lean on. IF you have an understanding wife then it's a lot easier in life. But showing weakness isn't a man's nature and isn't how men are raised. At least, that's not how I was raised and I hate it when I have a moment of weakness, I feel like less of a man, even though my wife says I'm not. Just a fact that women won't understand I don't think.

    Now, men have to be meterosexual, or whatever that means. I think it means be a strong man but show your feelings and have style and sensitivity and all that bullsh*t that we were never taught while growing up. I have style, don't get me wrong, just don't like to show weakness or show sensitivity unless it's needed or have someone I can trust to show that side of myself.

    Also, most women have their ideal man pictured in their mind, and it usually isn't Homer Simpson. So we have to work just as hard at looking, sounding, acting attractive as women do. But without any tricks-of-the-trade so to speak. But, that's life and society right?

  • You get the thumbs up from me, women just need to be toned and average weight to fit most of the criteria whereas men have to go a step further and get the perfect 6 pack, the best pecs and the bulging arms. Along with being tall, intelligent and handsome.

    I personally go for this goal because I love working out, but I'll admit there is some pressure coming from the media. Hell it certainly doesn't help having 20+ year olds with great bodies playing 16-17 year olds in movies who shouldn't look anything like that.

    One thing I want to point out though, STICK THIN MODELS ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE. you don't want a skeleton you could life with one hand for a girlfriend.

    • Lift with one hand* (really wish there was an edit option)

    • Personally, I don't think 6 pack abs are all that, granted, I like a man who takes care of themselves. However, the media tells men something completely different. They show them one kind of appearance

  • Read Toban_Frost's article. It's rather good. link

    I would definitely have to agree with you in that men are portrayed more one-dimensionally than women are in the media (primarily because the media appeals more to women than to men). A successful woman in the media can be one who is happily married, who has an awesome job, who is able to perfectly manipulate men, is able to overcome a hardship (in particular, one regarding a man abusing or leaving her), being extremely fit and attractive, and the list goes on. There's tons of ways that women "succeed" according to the media, so women have lots of roles fulfilled.

    For men, there's either being a successful player, being the guy in the Old Spice commercials, or being a corporate CEO. Sometimes, being a family man applies, but they're usually loved for being the bumbling dad that does funny stuff at his expense. Men do have the ability to succeed in the media, but they also take WAY more flak from it. Many women argue that women have more pressure to be thin and look good, but that's also debatable. Men are expected to be both muscular AND have very little body fat (six pack abs, for example), in addition to many features defined by genetics, like defined jawlines, broad shoulders, height, and triangular body shape. Like with women, that's not everybody's preference, but it's what the media gives us.

    For women, their negative aspects are either being catty, bitchy, whores, or fat. For men, their negative aspects are being rapists, abusive, being the butt monkey of most jokes, being cold and uncaring (or if they aren't cold and uncaring, then they're wimpy), being bad in bed (in tons of ways), being stupid, being ignorant, being conceited, being pedophiles, being losers, being financially unsuccessful, and the list goes on. Men are generally the target of the media, often for things that aren't their fault. The only reason for this, like everything in the media, is money. The media basically exists to sell products to women, and to acquire monetary support from feminist groups. The only reason it's such a problem is because the media is so powerful today that it basically defines society.

  • Never really thought about it like that. I can't say I agree though I've seen all kinds of movies where different types guys get the girl. So I think it's still worse for women. While it's all kinds of guys, it's always with a gorgeous girl. Which is insanely depressing for a guy like me because that doesn't actually happen in real life.

    Knocked Up-Chubby Stoner nerd.

    She's Out Of My League-Scrawny geek.

    American Pie Movies-Tons of variety with guys in these movies but not so much with the girls.

    Disturbia-I can't remember how to describe Shia Lebouf's character but it's a typical girl once again.

    Wedding Crashers-Two goofy jackasses sums them up. ha ha But they end up with two gorgeous girls.

    Spiderman-Geeky superhero

    Joe Dirt-Hick idiot guy. lol

    Then there's all the movies with all kinds of various "hot" guys that I don't feel like listing because I don't watch those. lol

    Overall extreme variety with guys, but not much with women.


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  • I've said the same thing about men's clothing, but guys have told me that they prefer having fewer options, so I'm not really sure about that one anymore.

    I agree that men have it worse though. Not even just when it comes to standards of beauty, the way men are portrayed in general is rarely ever good. link This specifically looks at superhero movies, but it seems to be true for a lot of male roles. Women aren't typecasted in the same way, their roles tend to be more diverse.

  • I think society has begun to cater to a variety of women.You have the super thin women,you have average,thicker,overweight,chubby,short,tall,all ages,all ethnicity's and races,all body types and shapes,where as with guys,it's one set stone.It's tall,muscular,model like.

    I personally,love guys with all sorts of body shapes.One of the hottest guys I know,is tall(6'6),very skinny,some would say scrawny and a stoner.I think he's hot.Does he fit the ideal of David Beckham or Tyson Beckford?No.But he's hot to me.He's got style,he's got class and charisma.And he's a drummer haha.

    Society doesn't realize,we are just as open minded about men as men are about women.There ARE women who like chubby guys,there are women who like "geeky guys" there are women who like skinny,tall and awkward guys,there are women who like short guys...I mean,where the hell is the variety?

    I think the media set one standard for guys,which sucks ass.

    Um,Christopher Ingle is hot but doesn't fit the ideal.Where are the guys who look like him?

    I do however want to say,it is easier for a guy to tone down or tone up or get muscular than it is for a female,so that kind of keeps me from pouring out sympathy

  • I feel like men might face more pressure to be masculine, but I think women tend to be more touchy about the pressures they face.

    • Thats even just what you see though. Its more acceptable for women to complain about their appearance and express concern more so than it is for men.

    • Yeah, very true... never really thought about it too much.