Why do guys/girls rate?

its mostly guys

; )


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  • I doubt that it's mostly guys. Guys might do a rating (out of 10) more often, but there's no less judgment coming from girls.

    If a guy is telling his bud about a hot girl he met tonight, his bud doesn't wanna hear "Well, she had long blond hair, a nice ass, I'd guess 36Cs, a slender waist, slender and well defined legs, and a gorgeous face." We're not that attentive. It's much easier just to give a number.

    I don't give ratings and I don't care to, but I can see why others do.

  • how else can we describe the worth of a girl to our friends who werent there?

    • I understand that but every guy has a different opinion.....how can you know what a lady is worth by just looking at her?

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    • If you don't know girl you judge her looks

      and if you do know her you evaluate her rate by what you know about her

    • Usually you only add on information about personality etc if it legit affects the rating as in she's hot but she's a bitch or she's kinda chubby but she's so chill. most important is looks in the end.

  • What do you mean by rate? Rate what?

    • Rate... like rate a girl from a scale from 1-10

    • Oh. They do it because girls ask "Am I pretty? Rate me from 1 - 10."

      I really don't do it much. I spend more time poking fun at the people stupid enough to ask such stupid irrelevant questions like that.

    • Yeah I don't understand why guys use numbers to describe a girl.. but I really find it dumb when girls ask that

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  • Because life is a competition and everyone wants to be a judge.

  • I haven't done it, it seems so weird, rating random guys or girls. How do I know a person from a picture? there's not much to know, it could be a fake picture or a fake profile. you never know. and it's mostly based on physical looks anyways, it's superficial in my opinion.

  • They rate attractiveness because they can