Eye contact - what does it mean?

There is this guy at school. We have never talked before and I always see him in the hallways and in the mornings before school. When I pass my classes somehow our eyes meet. And our eyes meet all the time. At first I thought he might think I was cute but the thing is he asked a girl to homecoming already. What does this mean?


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  • I just want you to know that the EXACT SAME THING is happening to me! He asked someone to homecoming too! Anyone have any answers?


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  • Are you staring at him first? If you are then he's probably just looking around at nothing when he catches your eye. If you aren't, how can you tell he's looking at you? I used to wonder the same thing in school.

    Next time it happens, just say, "hey" or something.

    When you're out of school and into an office environment, it happens all the time. BUT, people say, "Hello", "Good morning" and "How are you today?" He'll think you're a big dork if you say exactly that ;) but I just wanted to let you know that the mixed signals like this do clear up as you get older. :) (Not crystal clear though)

  • He probably is attracted to you but he might have something bigger with the girl he asked to HC. If you have never talked before do you really think he would ask you to HC though? think about that