Should I shave, and what?

OK so I'm a single guy as of recently and trying to slowly ween back into singles life and I'm wondering from all the ladies out there, their opinions on shaving.

I'm Italian so I'm fairly hairy as it is (chest stomach legs) and I'm wondering how women feel about guys with shaved pubes, and how much should I shave off, should I shave my chest/stomach & upper leg area as well?

I know its hilarious but I'm serious


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  • yeah, don't shave ALL your pubes off :P LOL I find it really unattractive, just like trim it so its not a jungle :P and mayb chest, again depending on how hairy you aree


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  • you don't need to shave, a little hair on a guy is manly. but if you are really hairy you might want to think about trimming a little off


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