Whats the deal with me?

So, I'm totally confused...

There are guys commenting on my Netlog pictures calling me 'sexy' and 'hot' and 'gorgeous' and all those things.

But then, I don't understand why guys haven't really shown interest in me in daily life.

Why would that be?

If you want to see a picture; I have on here on my profile or you could message me and I send you a link.

x. M


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  • Because in real life, it's harder to just approach someone you don't know, and start talking to them. You ask why guys don't really show interest in you in real life? Well let me answer you with another question - why don't YOU show interest in guys you like in real life? Why don't you just walk up to guys who you think are hot, and start talking to them? Oh and please don't give me the "that should be the guy's job" or I'm going to tell you to grow up. Seriously.

    But yeah, it's difficult to show interest in real life, to strangers, because we often think they don't wish to be bothered by us, or they seem like they're too busy to reply to us, or they're having a bad they and wish to be left alone, or maybe we just think they're taken! So you have to forgive the guys in real life for not immediately walking up to you and begin talking to you.

    What you CAN do though, is help them out. If you see someone you like, give him a few glances. Smile at him a little if you see him looking at you. Make him know that if he comes over to try and get to know you, you aren't going to bite, or act like you're not interested. These are the main things that put a guy off. We're scared you're gonna reject us, so we don't even try.

    So the more you make us feel like you're not gonna blow us off, the more likely we are to approach you.

    • Thank You :)

      Well, I don't do that... Just because I'm shy

      And honestly, thanks for the wonderful advice :)

      x. M

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    • Agree'd. Nobody really approaches anyone randomly anymore.

    • Thank you everyone x)

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  • lol you are pretty :D am interested :D would you like to be friends :D


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  • If there guys you don't know..they just might be lonely guys and they just want attention. Normally those kinda guys aren't that decent IMO..if they are too straightforward and they call you sexy and hot. There are A LOT of guys like that over the internet...

  • i know EXACTLY what your talking about. I have the same problem, but I think its just that the poor guys don't have the guys to say what they say online in person. its easier for them to type it and hit comment then to say it out loud in person and see what your reaction is. I know its frustrating, but its just the way they are I guess lol.

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