Do guys like ass kicking girls?

So I'm into working out and at the moment I am taking a boxing class. We do intense training 2 hours a day twice a week and eventually we will get to fight each other. At the gym I weight lift and do 500 crunches, I weight lift (arm days, and leg days) as well as cardio.

Im anything but delicate, and while I am girl- I wear makeup and feminine clothes, I am tough, and am definitely not a pussy.

How do guys feel about that. Not that It will make me change anything, I just like to know how dudes feel. This guy who was sitting by me and this other girl overheard me telling her about my boxing class and how much I work out and how stoked I was to fight and he's been really flirting with me ever since. So obviously he digs it.

Do other guys dig it?


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  • It's pretty legit.

    I don't think this is the quality that defines you though. If I'm a guy, I'm going to be into you for you, not your exercise regimen.

    I appreciate your dedication to fitness though.

    • Lol, I guess what it means more, is like, the fat that I'm not weak, I demand respect. Like when dudes see a buff guy, you all probably think how you don't wanna screw with him because he's buff. Same for me I think. I think a guy sees that I'm willing to step in the ring and fight, he may think that this chick is no joke, is no wimp, and knows he can't try anything because he knows the consequences, haha.

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    • It certainly means no man will take advantage of me. It doesn't mean I'm an ass, or that I'm built huge or bulging or that I walk around with a chip on my shoulder. But that it means I don't take any sh*t.

    • Yea, that's fine.

      But a guy actually finding intimidation attractive has mental issues.

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  • I think I want to take you on just by reading your a very intimate matter...not as you kicking my ass or anything. So yeah, some guys like ass kicking girls I'd think. :)

  • You obviously care a lot about fitness, which is really good. It's a turn on for me, although I would be a bit careful with you, not to mess around, because you can kick some arse lol .


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