Ladies does anyone know?

how I can use GLATT?



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  • OMG, I am so worried that you might have bought this already! What a waste of money because you cannot do this at home. This is a relaxer, it's like the opposite of a perm, but it is the process of a perm. You have to do 4 steps while this burning stuff is on your scalp. I am a cosmetologist, so trust me when I tell you. If you have any color in your hair, it may fall out. If you have ever permed your existing hair, it will fall out. If you have color, it may also turn a hideous color. These are the harshest chemicals under the sun. If you want this service, I highly suggest going to a salon, and paying for it, because the upkeep is going to be extensive as well. You have to put the stuff on your hair, comb it through, at some point while its got that stuff on it, flat iron it. comb it, 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch part. this isn't easy or even possible to do on your own unless you have a ton of experience. Please dear, don't attempt this at home. You'll hate the outcome.