Makeup for beginners?

I am attractive but I always get called cute and never get noticed by best friend gets noticed and she wears loads makeup so I am going to start.I have no clue where to begin and I don't trust department store people because they will try to sell you anything.TIPS OR ADVICE?


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  • It depends on what kind of attention you want from guys. If you want sexual attention, then wear black eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss along with foundation.

    Kind of like this:


    If you want guys who want to date you or be your boyfriend then go more natural like this:

    Basically, the more darker colors you wear, like dark eyes, lipcolor, or blush, the more guys will think you are out for sex and will hit on you. The more natural you go, the more guys will think you are just a nice girl who wants a date or a boyfriend.

    YouTube has about a gajilliion makeup tutorials so just search on there for whatever look you want.

    Most cheap drugstore makeup is perfectly fine. Try brands like Rimmel and Wet & Wild. Super cheap and works just fine. Try googling reviews for foundation and mascara.


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  • link

    And remember less is best.

    • Less is best is not true.Guys look at girls who wear a lot of make-up

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    • Seems like you have all the answers.

    • I agree.Guys go for my friend more than they do me and she wears loads of makeup.

  • Don't put on makeup so heavily that you can sign your face.

    Eyes, lips, clean hair, and a light perfume are all the makeup you'll need.

  • Loads of makeup isn't hot, you just need to know how to wear it to where it compliments you, too much isn't good. Just wear some stuff that'll make your eye's pop and highlight all the other good things about you


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  • You're naturally beautiful and therefore don't really need much makeup. If you really want to wear some try a tinted lip gloss, mascara for normal days, if going out and you want to dress up try adding a really light almost skin colour translucent shimmer eye shadow or even translucent white shimmer or some eyeliner, don't add everything all at the same time, cos you're beautiful. Leave out foundation cos that requires effort, and you probs don't need it.

  • Trust this guide, when I was new to makeup I bought a load of crap that didn't work or look good on me. These items will accentuate your natural beauty and give you confidence without changing your entire look, boys like makeup that looks realistic and natural. Buy less makeup but better quality. You need something that you absolutely love and looks great on you with every outfit and lip color.
    I suggest getting Loreal extra intense eyeliner (brown for blondes, black for brunettes), Loreal infallible eyeshadow in Amber Rush, Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow in Bad To The Bronze, Maybelline mascara in The Colossal Express (to get bigger lashes) or Lash Stiletto (to lengthen lashes), Rimmel Brow Pencil.
    Revlon Lip Butter in cotton candy for light skin, candy apple for medium skin, or sugar plum for deep skin, Nyx Butter Gloss in creme brule for light skin, tiramisu for medium skin, or angel food cake for dark skin, Revlon Balm Stain in cherish for light skin, honey for medium skin, or crush for dark skin.
    Revlon Colorstay foundation, Maybelline Fit Me concealer, and ELF Studio blush or NYX blush. Hope you find what your looking for:)

    Remember less is more so spend the most money on good working, highly rated, wearable shades of makeup. All of the products mentioned are highly rated and recommended by numerous beauty gurus.

  • well since you're just starting out you can just experiment and see what you like best. I used to wear a lot of make up until I realized its pointless because less is sometime better. if you have pretty fair skin, then you don't have to use foundation. try using some eye liner on the bottom and possibly a little on top. then use mascara. what color of hair do you have and how dark is your skin? that counters what colors you should use.

  • Guys will notice a girl with a pound of make-up before they notice a "natural girl.

    Michelle Phan on YouTube is great source for make-up information.

    Basic foundation tutorial:

    For a beginner I recommend starting with foundation and maybe blush or bronzer.

    Then move onto eyeliner,mascara and eyeshadow.

  • As a beautitian I would recomend, using a liquid foundation followed by a pressed powder.

    Depending on your hair colour, don't use to thick of an eye liner as it will make your eyes look small, a light coloured blush and depending what look you are going for , eye shadow,

    there are a million and one ways to wear make up, as you don't normally wear makeup, you should be sure to cleanse nightly on a regular basis, and moisturise.

    I have many clients that suffer form acne problems from not washing the face regularly. clogging pores and causing inflamation.

    Hope this helps experiment a bit,and try different thing

    Hope this helps

  • Don't read comments here or watch videos because trust me, if you have no experience with makeup at all, they are not going to help. The best thing you can do is go to a makeup counter at your local department store and have them do your makeup for you. It's true, but it's always nice to buy 1 or 2 things, which you're going to have to anyways