What to wear for a wedding?

I'm going to a wedding next Sunday and I'm wondering what to wear. I'm going with my boyfriend and his family & my boyfriend is completely clueless when it comes to what I should wear.


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  • I saw the dress you had sent a link of, it is OK, but I think a tube dress can be a bit uncomfortable at times.

    I had a look through the site and thought that this was pretty and perfect for a wedding and is also very classy


    • I loveee that dress, but I don't think my mom is willing to pay that much


      is that one ok?

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    • Can you give me an idea of what type of wrap I should look for? I'm looking like causal because it's not going to be a very elegant wedding most likely

    • I think a shrug would be best really then.


      Either in grey or baby pink

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  • Is it a formal wedding?

    A casual wedding?

    Day time or evening?

    Inside or outside?

    Most of the time you can never go wrong with a cute dress and shoes. But never wear white or a color similar to white- or black. With it being a summer wedding a cute sundress is always appropriate if it's a semi casual wedding.

    • https://www4.jcpenney.com/jcp/X6.aspx?GrpTyp=PRD&ItemID=1965678&DeptID=71275&CatID=71302&SO=0&x5view=1&Ne=23+1023+1031+29+3+585+596+8+18+904+949+833&pagesize=1&shopperType=G&N=4294953545&Nao=0&PSO=0&CmCatId=71275|71302

      Is that okay?

    • I think that is cute. - You can add color to it with shoes and accessories!

  • Of course your boyfriend would be clueless, he is a straight male after all.

    Wear anything but white, because the bride should be the only one in white that day. It is her day, after all. With that said, you could wear a cute summer dress and some low, strappy heels or sandals. Nothing too fancy and dressy, just casual enough. Maybe add a necklace for elegance.

    Good luck.