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hey everyone. my names Lauren I'm 21 and my boyfriends name is Lewis and he is 23. It'll be 18 months on august 28 that we have been together so I am so excited about that. so here's the thing, my boyfriend is at my house for the weekend like he always is which I love. but he was just in the shower and his phone went off and I looked at it and it was just an email but I got curious so I looked through a few of his texts. the other night he went to the movies with 2 of his friends. ones a girl and the other a guy. he invited the guy along so I wouldn't be worried about him going to the movies with another girl alone so I thought that was nice of him to do. and when I was looking through his messages they were talking a couple days ago about what movie to see and he told the girl (Kim) that he told me they were going and she got mad that he told me and then he told her he invited the guy(David) and she's like wow. but I know it's wrong to look through your boyfriend's messages. whenever he does it to me I get upset but I just can't help it. I can't hang out with any of my guy friends because he will get so jealous but he can hang out with some of his girl friends and it's fine. please help me. are any of you going through this?



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  • hey lauren...first of all it didn't happen to me but still sweetie I'd like to answer that. So I guess, you should try to convince him that he shouldn't have to feel insecure but don't try to say it like a request. It's your life and you must have your own space. The best thing to carry on a relationship is trust and commitment. And if he wouldn't trust to tell about whom he is going with and don't allow you to go out with friends then it's not good.

    Although jealousy is a part of being in love but you gotta try to make it better. And I guess both of you can hang out with each others' friends then it would be more easy to understand each other.

    Things are not that bad, just don't let then go wrong way.

    Take care dear.

  • it looks like he feels insecure when you hang out with guy frnds...

    i think over the time he will start feeling secure in the relationship &wont mind your hanging out...

    besides you can ask as to y he feels jealous& assure him that you will nvr cheat upon him...


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