Why do guys on here say that makeup and hair dyes, etc. is fake and unattractive?

But in real life the plain Jane girls that wear no makeup and don't do anything to their hair are overlooked for more feminine girls who enhance their appearance and are more stylish?

Is it true that these guys who say they are turned off by any makeup and hair modifications are actually imagining some perfect girl with flawless features that don't need makeup, perfect skin with no blemishes or flaws, and naturally beautiful hair? If so, most girls don't look like that with no makeup. Do you think they have an unrealistic view of natural beauty, or do they really appreciate these natural flaws that the majority of women have? Or are they holding out for the rare 2% of women who don't have any flaws lol? Have they even seen most women without a stitch of makeup?

Also why do some people try to convince those who wear makeup not to wear it? What is the purpose of that? What does it matter to you if someone decides to wear makeup on their face or not? It's not your face!


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  • I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH THIS! I've noticed that guys always say they want a "natural" girl, and in theory, that is great. but honestly, is "natural" really what they want? because at the end of the day, they are always looking at the girls who put more effort into their appearance.

    take p*rn for example. the whole "porn star" look is anything but natural, yet most guys are into it. and what about playboy and all the posters of naked chicks guys have on their walls? All the women have fake hair, fake tans, fake boobs, and fake everything else. Yet, at the end of the day, they pretend they want a "natural" woman.

    No woman is perfect naturally, we all need a little help. It is ridiculous to say that no makeup is the way to go, when clearly, the "ideal" woman doesn't seem to be very natural at all.

    I understand that those women are not exactly the type they want to marry, but are they really attracted to women who are the polar opposite of their sexual fantasy? it just seems backwards and hypocritical to me.

    • My girl literally looks amazing when she wakes up in the morning with no makeup... I actually think she looks worse with make up. No joke.

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    • I think that's wonderful that you think that about her. I guess I'm just talking about how society and "mens magazines" tell us to look, because those girls are not natural at all. I've just never seen guys with posters on their walls of girls who have no makeup on. that's more the point I was making.

    • Excellent answer!

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  • I think there are 3 "sort-of-truths" for many (NOT ALL) guys.

    1) Many guys say they don't like makeup but actually give attention to girls who wear makeup.

    2) Many guys say they don't like makeup, but want to be seen with a girl who wears makeup because she gets noticed.

    3) Many guys when they are alone with a girl and want to kiss, hug or whatever may find lots of makeup unappealing.

  • Make up might get some attention at first...

    But I love girls that rock no make up that wear simple clothes. The style isn't so much more as important as the fit. Like stretchy pants, leggings, yoga pants.

    It's just so much more real when they don't have make up.

    Although some girls really know how to put make up on so it does look real. I get fooled sometimes!

    • Chances are, you are getting fooled every day by girls! I don't know a single girl who walks out of the house without a little tiny bit of makeup on. most girls look 100% better with just a little makeup. my boyfriend didn't even know I was wearing it half the time. there is a major difference between enhancing yourself with makeup, and looking fake with makeup.

  • My ex only wore makeup about 4 times during our two years together. I much prefer her natural look.

  • Less makeup is best


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  • I'm definitely not super gorgeous or anything, just average looking, maybe on the cute side. But anyways, I often don't wear makeup and guys are still interested in me.

    The most I usually wear if I'm going out is mascara and lipgloss.

    Guys will go more for different aspects of a girl like her figure, personality, hair, and face. Makeup CAN play into this, but it doesn't necessarily. Also, when a girl wears a lot of makeup, it attracts attention because it makes her features stand out more and also signals to guys that she may be interested in finding one or hooking up.

    But once you're dating a guy, he's usually gonna prefer little to no makeup.

    There's nothing wrong with wearing makeup at a club or something to get noticed by guys, but don't feel like you constantly have to wear it or guys won't like you.

    Also, the only guys I've really noticed being attracted to makeup are drunk guys at the club who are looking to hook up. So take that for whatever it's worth...

    • Also, a lot of guys say pictures of celebrities are really hot because they have been photoshopped to look like the makeup is real.

      The important thing is how the girl feels about herself. If wearing makeup makes a girl feel more confident and beautiful, than that is definitely gonna attract guys, but she'll be thinking it's just the makeup.

  • They are inexperienced,young,virgins(generally) and are the same ones who judge girls who don't wear make-up.

    They'll look and go out with girls who wear a pound of make-up before they do a chick who doesn't.Even on here,it's quite evident.There are some chicks on here who try to aim for the "scene" look and get really orange tans and wear heavy make-up and the guys on here drool over them(Yes I've seen it happen plenty of times)

    They think women look like Megan Fox without make-up,that's why they say women shouldn't wear make-up.It's politically correct.

    Call me later when Maxim,Penthouse and Playboy aim for the natural look lmao

  • Yeah, I completely agree. I think, because they don't wear makeup every day, they don't really know what goes into the way a girl looks. So even "natural" for them, is not actually natural. I think that as long as you look good, they really don't care what you put on your face, haha.

    (Also, the 2 girls below me gave really good answers, I totally agree, lol)

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