Makeup, a turn off? (cause they said the tittle was too short >_>)

Is it? I use lots, in a good way ... I think. I mean , do guys find it UN-attractive if a girl uses A LOT a makeup? It's not, a lot A LOT ... and I don't think it looks bad. Just that, I use eyeliner and all that other stuff ... and I don't wanna guys to think , "Ewww, she's creepy... " So, ermmm ... guys, would you like, not talk to a girl or not consider her as an "option" cause she wears makeup (an it's like, REALLY noticeable)?)


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  • When a girl wears make-up,she's called fake and said to be falsely advertising.

    When a girl doesn't wear make-up,she is said to not take care of herself,her appearance or what she looks like.

    Guys say they want "natural" and dislike make-up,but that is because they've clearly never seen a natural woman in real life.They see women in magazines and assume all women have clear,flawless skin.When in reality,most women suffer from at least one of the following:rosacea,acne,large pores,uneven skin tone,wrinkles,blemishes,blackheads,redness,oiliness,dryness,under eye circles,puffiness,stretch marks,cellulite etc.When these are exposed,the women are told to cover up and that they do not take care of themselves.Some women have multiple combinations of these.

    They think all women are 100% tight,fit and toned.Spanx anyone?

    They think all women have long,lush,full healthy hair.Extensions,weaves,tracks?Ever heard of that?Of course when a woman in a magazine wears such,you hear no complaints from men,but on this site,everything is just against women trying to feel good about themselves.

    They don't realize,the women in reality do not compare to women in magazines that they drools over.

    There was one girl on here who said that many of the guys on here are young and inexperienced,those are the ones claiming to like "natural" where as the older and more experienced guys do not say such things or judge women by their make-up or accessories.

    I copied and pasted:)Yes it's mine


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  • I think it's easy to do too much. I also think a little looks good. When there is too much, guys might look at her, but kissing, hugging and whatever else seems unappealing.

    What does bother me is too much eye makeup which I swear is true for 1 out of every 4 women. When a woman lathers on eye shadow, liner, mascara, lash darkener, lash lengthener, etc she looks like a raccoon.

    Here is a woman with too much (on right).


    Here is a raccoon


    • Wows. xD I actually do my eyes somewhat like that, exepct I don't use eye-shadow. Now I know, I look like a raccon. >_<

    • Somehow I don't believe you. You are probably one of those who knows exactly how to put it on the right way.

  • Most girls don't need a foundation in the first place, so if you have nice clear skin...just avoid that sh*t...if you have dark skin use light colored eye makeup, like Easter egg colors-- or if you have light skin you can use a slightly darker color light brown, etc. I would say don't overdo your eye makeup. I can't tell you if you are because you don't have a face picture up...but if you are concerned you are using too much...then you probably are. lighten up on the makeup, soften your look up a bit...see if it works for should put up a face pic and I could offer direct advice on what if any makeup would work for your skin tones, etc.

  • The problem with a lot of make up, is that you look like a doll. For me it reminds me of a funeral where they do up the body with heavy makeup.

    Sure if you are having a photo shoot or are getting up on stage, maybe a lot of making up will look good, but as soon as you walk up to her, and get with in talking distance, I can see the layer of putty like substance on her face. Total turn off when your skin looks like a doll.

    Lastly, I see someone complaining about young guys comparing women to the women in magazines... Ask any guy - what would you rather do, look at a cover girl naked in a magazine, or be naked with the girl next door? Obviously the latter question is the one MOST guys will pick.


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  • I think its different for every guy. Some guys might like more of a natural girl and others might not really make a difference for. I think most guys would prefer not so much makeup because a lot of makeup is covering up what you really look like. I wear not too much makeup a little eyeliner and some mascara.

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