Keeping to themselves?

Why can't guys be happy with what they got on their arm? why do they feel the need to stare at every girl (basically) that walks by? isn't your girl hot enough? isn't that why you are with her?


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  • Alright, this is not an easy question to answer. I have been through the wringer, on both sides of this issue. When I met my wife, I loved her. I committed myself to her and, I didn't bother looking at other women, because I had her. Then she left me, less than a month after our wedding, for over a month. When she came back, I wasn't as committed, and I looked at other women as a form of coping mechanism, gaining security from the fact that, if she chose to leave again, there were other options. This lasted almost nine years, until she left me for someone else. Then I grieved a lot of the pain I had taken on, through my marriage, and childhood. That brought relief from this desire to look at every woman.

    Now, even though I have had to file for divorce, I am confident that when I meet someone else, and I take her out, I will not only be focused on her, investing in her and proud to be with her, I will also have no need, or reason to desire looking around at anyone else. Grief is the process of expelling pain from our bodies, allowing the tears to irrigate the wounds of our souls so Christ can cleanse them and suture them closed, so they can heal well.


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  • Hi Nicky,

    I answered one of your questions previously but got rated bad lol (just giving the truth)

    So I will give the truth again. And I completely disagree with the Look but don't touch crapola.

    Whats the different between looking and touching? Not much, because the real thing that matters is the intent to. Why would you look if you didn't have intent ? So the look but touch crapola is complete disrespect for your partner. Its like saying I'm looking at a Ferrari and don't want it, I was just looking (BULL SHHH)

    Anyways, back to the topic, Its a Genetic thing, guys were programmed through evolution to "spread their seed" This is why some (AND I SAY SOME) guys keep on looking around.

    Additionally, *SOME* guys who work out and are pumped up are usually higher in the Testosterone department which contributes to that end.

    So sum things up, some guys do it cause its their nature.

    • Omg you are full of shit champ....i will look at girls because they are attractive...but I promise you one thing, I would never go and act on that...all the yadda yadda about men spreading seed is right obviously, but the way you word it makes us out to be these dumb biological machines which homosapiens are obviously not..

      so for me to sum up...u are full of shit..u speak for the minority of men, and perhaps you should think about what your writing before you go ahead and make silly little comments!!

    • I happen to agree actually, I know I'm female and so the majority of people will just call me a petty, insecure jealous person or whatever but there we go. If you're looking at something, it's either because it's weird or gross (ie. rubber necking etc), or because you want it. You tend not to look/stare at things that you don't want. I know it's not the same but I don't look at a dress in a shop because it's ugly. You don't look if you don't want more.

  • hahah awww nicky you poor thing.

    we are allowed to look. we just can't touch!

    and the girl in our arm is obviously sexier than any of the others could ever be, don't you worry about that!

    • But what if the girl is very self conscious and it bothers her knowing that her boyfriend is looking at another girl who he thinks looks good but she doesn't think she looks good?

  • Human nature, most guys always want what they don't have.

  • You can't honestly ask this question and say you've NEVER looked at another guy while you were with yours can you? I believe this question to be a double standard, and to answer your question WE ARE GUYS lol


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