How do I get good looking girls to look at or at least talk to me?

Just wondering since I'm not the best looking guy. Any secrets besides get better looking


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  • Change your mindset to how can I approach more girls. Girls will not come up to you, rarely you might get one girl to say something but I doubt it. I'm a decent looking guy and girls don't come walking up to me I have to go to them. If your shy, then change your attitude. I'm extremely shy but I've helped it a little by thinking I am better looking than her and she is lucky for me to walk up to her. You gotta believe it though because confidence will come out of you if you think like that. It's a lot easier said than done but you gotta practice. Girls love for guys to ask them out, even if your not the best looking guy it makes them feel pretty and wanted. Good Luck.

    • Or they think your a creep. that's my experience. A friend of mine has asked out 4 girls this past year and they all rejected him, and I bet it's because he's balding and he looks about 10 years older than he really is (he's 21).I'm not saying some girls won't but good looking ones it takes some effort

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    • What if your'e a two tho, no person who's a two will go for anyone anywhere close to their league. That go's for both boys and girls

    • First of all, not many people are two's. I think your being a bit hard on yourself. Let's say you are 2. Then you can bring it up to a 5 at least! Get a any haircut, join a gym. You don't need to be Hercules but put some muscle on. Check your clothing style maybe its a little lame? Start fixing yourself up a little and you'll be a 4, then you need give yourself some confidence and your 5. Done deal. And that's IF your a two which I doubt.

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  • be confident in who you are and how you look. confidence radiates sexiness. plus a guy who can make me laugh always gets me at least lightly interested.

    • Even if he's a fatarse like me LOL, I know it works. It's just hard for me and I'm a bit jaded. This is great advice though!

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  • take care of yourself and learn game, there's plenty of free help online