Body language signs?

What's some body language that means he's into me vs. not into me?

Please help!


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  • Be on the lookout for things that he doesn't have to do, but he does. Little things still within the realm of what is socially acceptable, but outside what someone might normally do. Smiles whenever he sees you, standing/sitting close/closer than he needs to do. There may also be more overarching examples of this, as in, him going out of his way to spend time with, or be around, you.

    Also watch for looks or stares, guys will often look at the girl they like a lot. More subtle things may include him turning towards you, either very focused and you when you're talking, or only seeming to pay attention to you, even when other people are talking. He may be facing you entirely, or just pointing towards you with one or both feet, or legs, if he is sitting.

    I should be noted with all this that each instance should be treated like a word in a sentence. Each word contributes to the overall message, but you need a several to be able to tell anything clearly or see a pattern in the sentence.


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  • 1. He leans in when talking to you. If you try stepping back, he'll most likely subconsciously step forward again.

    2.Mirrors your actions.

    3. Pupils get bigger.

    4. Finds ways ways to associate himself with you. "Me and -your name- love that type of music"