What kind of girl are you looking for?

Who have you always pictured?

Details please.

Thanks Love:]


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  • Ok my idea girl, well she has paralyzing eye's that'll stop me dead in my tracks, a warm smile that'll melt me and when I'm almost gone a touch that'll bring me back. She has a heart of a saint and the laughter of an angel. She's not perfect in the sense of the word but to me she is. She makes me smile just when I think about her and her presence makes rainy Mondays feel like Friday, there is no such thing as pain when I'm with her but when she's gone my heart is weak. She's not God's gift to man but to me, she's my best friend, my happiness, but mostly my love


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  • A girl that looks like you would be nice. =D

    But well, to put it simple, I'm looking for a girl who will be my best friend, want to hang out with me a lot, and who is also as attracted to me as I am to her (or more), that way we can do OTHER stuff that best friends don't usually get to do with each other.

    Like have naked pillow fights with each other! Amongst other things, of course...

  • I've been luck enough to FIND a few...the kind that seem to have lived forever, wise and always looking to the far future, not just grabbing for things in the ultra present!

  • From what I've learned in past years I really don't have a whole picture of a girl I'm looking for. That could be tall girl or short; blond, brown, black, ... hair; long hair or short, but she has to smile from time to time, to be a positive person and (one of the most important) she has to be interested in me (like I'm in her).

  • Never picutred any girl. like I don't know. someone whos is themselfs and like well caring, honest, trusting, truthful, just a decent beautiful kindas girl !


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