Do you really think you're fat?

Girlies, do you really think your unattractive when you ask about your weight? or when you do the "i feel so ugly all the time tell me if I'm pretty. I'm this and that my hair is this my eyes are this blah blah"

It makes me really sad that so many girls have to ask this!

i don't know what to think. is this the mans fault? are you guys pressuring all of us ladies into thinking we have to be some generic, cookie cutter, perfect beauty?

or are all the girls out there just fishing for compliments?


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  • Women do the exact same thing to men. I am tired of this double standard bull sh*t. How many times do I have to read that girls are attracted to guys who are tall, handsome, and have a six pack? Then, all of these women come on here and reassure guys that they want a nice guy or a guy with a wonderful personality. However, then there are the "nice guys" who come on this website and ask why? Why are they being put into the friend zone? In the end, people just need to be honest with themselves. The first rule of attraction is that there must be physical attraction between a man and a woman before a relationship can be established. Lots of guys want the perfect, cookie cutter beauty. Some guys are fine with average. These girls who ask about their weight are doing what the nice guys are doing. They're trying to figure out why they can't attract the opposite sex.

    • Excellent point. Never really thought about that. Thanks for giving me something to think about :)

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  • Yes it's the mans fault. Men shape what their idea of beauty is, then plaster it all over magazines and the like. Look at all those women super heros... and the plate mail and such world of warcraft women are put in and such. eesh.

    But, it's the womens fault too, because we are ALLOWING this. It's a viscious cycle. I don't see it ending. Some women put their foot down, burn their bras and everything but on the whole... yeah.

    • Eh. I think its more of the government. those magazines are plastered with all that trash, so we buy their products and spend all our money, underscoring how f***ed america is. ;D I like boys too much to blame them for this whole epidemic

  • No not all girls out there are fishing for comliments, but I'm mean we're human. It's only human to have flaws and feel uneasy about them. People are always craving for what they don't have. We are never totally completely satisfied with what we have. It might not necessarily be the looks but, there will always be something you want that you don't posess.

    People in general are just not happy with what they have, but when they are, they experience the best kind of happiness. Self accpetance.

    I think it's great that you ask this question, becuase it means that you probably have a lot of self confidence but not everyone is like that.

    • Of course I have doubts like everyone else. I just don't need anyone else to tell me that I'm worth something. you know? the only person I need to please is myself and people I actually care about. so it just always sounds like girls who ask questions relating to their image are just testing how beautiful they are when they already know it since theyre asking total strangers.

      thanks for the comment!

  • ...I never ask other people about my weight.If I don't like the person which is reflected in my mirror, I try to do something about it, like eating healthy food, I start to exercise more etc.I seriously don't need to bother other people about it...