What do you think about yellow hair as a new trend?

What do you think about yellow hair as a new trend?What do you think about yellow hair as a new trend?What do you think about yellow hair as a new trend?What do you think about yellow hair as a new trend?What do you think about yellow hair as a new trend?What do you think about yellow hair as a new trend?It's a new trend that I've noticed happening over the Internet.. Initially I thought it was just another internet fad.. But I've actually started noticing people dying their hair yellow in my area! While some people might not go full out yellow, there's still some people who include yellow highlights etc. and I'm not talking about blonde.. I mean a literal yellow.

What do you think of this trend?

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  • I think yellow works better as an accent colour--like in the ombre look in the last pic, or as highlights... but a full-on head of yellow :/ It doesn't look appealing to me, personally. It doesn't seem to work with any natural human complexion, light or dark.
    Lady Gaga tried it, and if she can't pull it off, I don't think anybody can, haha.

    • Haha good note! Hmm I think very very few people can pull it off! But in general, no... I think it's generally not the most flattering color

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What Guys Said 87

  • I think the problem with having primary colors for your hair color is that they can be difficult to find matching clothes for, making them an eye sore because they're either too bright or too distracting.

    I suppose you can make yellow hair look good by matching them with yellow and black striped/patterned clothes... but that's all I got.

    • Yeah I understand your point. I don't think hair necessarily has to match clothes though πŸ€” I've always viewed it as a separate entity

  • Fucking stupid and ugly. STOP RUINING YOUR HAIR PEOPLE!!! I do have to say though that I am against dying hair completely. Unless you are old and self consious about faded colour, you should respect yourself and maintain your nstural colours while you still can.

    • It's not about respect? People like to dye their hair to better represent themselves.. Hmm.. I guess that's actually achieving a respect for themselves if you look at it from that angle πŸ€” It's a form of fashion, really. Just like how dying your hair to hide your roots are also.

    • Character should be defined by how you act rather than how you look is what I say. Physical representations and catagories and groups are too much.

    • Character is the overall respresentation of oneself. The whole package in other words. So that includes looks as well as personality. However, personality along shouldn't be dictated according to one's appearance. But I don't really see the logic in your argument since you appear to contradict yourself

  • I'm fine with it, it looks ok. Hair colors and styles are fine. Even if you get a bad one, it can always be changed, it's never permanent like other things people can get done.

    • Yeah! A good point

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    • Sorry, I disagree. I just means I date women I'm attracted to. I find tattoos unattractive. Tattoos aren't who a woman is, they are what they intentionally did to themselves. Tattoos are unattractive to me. The heart wants what the heart wants. Meaningful? Irrelevant to me as far as if I find her physically attractive. Put it on paper and frame it and hang it on your wall for meaning. Hang one on every room in the house, have an auto detailer put that design all over your car. Permanently scar it into your flesh and forever alter your appearance, regardless of how "meaningful" it is you just became physically unattractive and I'll look for an untattooed woman to date. The trend of women in large numbers getting tattooed has only been around for about 20 years so it is an anomaly not the rule. I'm sure it will pass before too long.

      If you told me you found men who were 80 pounds overweight with huge guts unattractive I wouldn't say you were superficial. My heart also wants what it want

    • I mean.. Yeah.. That's superficial πŸ˜‚ A small tattoo and you automatically declare that women discusting and unacceptable according to your standards.

  • The 4th picture reminds me of Yang Xiao Long from RWBY so... I'm on board with this trend for the present xD

  • I don't like unnatural hair colors like yellow, blue, green, purple, pink etc. I find it usually unattractive and horrible looking. Both because it looks unnatural, weird and a bit childish. I likes natural hair colors much better. I'm also agreeing with @InfoBot that the hair dye on the pictures looks like urine.

    • Yeah, I guess unnatural hair colors aren't a big winner for some people.

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What Girls Said 72

  • Looks horrible, Probably worse than green hair to me.
    I don't know how anyone could like the look of that.

    • I'm not a fan of the color yellow in general so it's definitely interesting to see it in hair.. I'm undecided if I like it or not πŸ˜…

    • I think the one i find the worst is the wedding photo, the shade is just whoa lol.

      Probably find the last one the most bearable because its two tone.

    • Yeah the wedding photo is a pretty bad shade.. But the other ones are fine I think!

  • I like it but then again my hair is pink. Having hair color that people don't normally have keeps life fun and interesting. But I do my hair funky colors because I like the way it looks on me. I don't do it for others.

  • Looks awesome!! I do think it looks better on dark skin than light skin because I think it can wash out skin a bit, but if the person who’s wearing it loves it then I love it too!

  • It looks good on dark-skinned people, but not on white people.
    The last image made it look good though, the first look somewhat good.
    Other than that, it looks absolutely horrible.

  • I’ve seen probably one girl out of a few that pulled it off. Not a fan but she looked awesome with it !

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