What do you notice first about the opposite sex? Survey.

1. what do you notice first about the opposite sex?

2. if you were in love with someone would it matter to you if they got fat?

3. when looking for a significant other what color eyes do you prefer?

4. what about hair color?

5. long or short?

6. what's your favorite song?

7. how was your day?

8. what's your favorite thing about yourself?

9. what do you hate the most about yourself?

10.what do you think of tats and piercings?

11.do you have or plan on having children?

12. are you a virgin?

13.do you think your a good looking person?

14. what's the one thing you want to accomplish before you die?

15. are you or have you gone to college?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1) I try to soak it all in. I mean whatever shows itself first. Could be a smile, could be a joke she makes, could be her body.

    2) Although there are exceptions, in general I'll say "yes". When people go from healthy to fat, it's typically a sign that their competitive edge is lost a little bit (think "freshman 15"). I'm a competitive guy and work out a lot and I absolutely would not give up working out for anything except if I became like a world champion cook and had to eat fat foods all the time. I don't want to see anybody let themselves go. Of course like I said, there are exceptions, and if it were a case where it didn't happen quite like how I described, I may feel differently.

    3, 4) Don't care about eye color, don't care about hair color, and even though you didn't ask, I definitely don't care about skin color.

    5) Don't really care about hairstyle, honestly. Whatever works with your style.

    6) I don't have a "favorite" song as in that there is a song I have a greater emotional response to than any other. I write music so when I hear music, I have both an emotional and an intellectual response to it. I feel that so many different people take different things from songs, so I try my hardest to look at music from lots of different perspectives at once. I feel that having a "favorite" would sort of be counterproductive.

    7) Good, and I think next week will be good too!

    8, 9) Hating something about myself would sort of imply that I can't change that, and having a favorite thing about myself sort of implies that I think I never should change that, so I try not to have that strong of an attachment to something I see in myself. However I will say I think that part of me is kind of cool.

    10) They work on some and not on others. Like I said earlier, it's whatever your personal style is all about.

    11) I know I'll have kids one day, but I don't really know when it'll happen. I have a lot to work on in myself first.

    12) Yeah actually.

    13) I guess you could say that. Basically, it's impossible to say "no" to this question without ignoring a lot of stuff that's happened in my life. I wouldn't have said yes a few years back, but I started working out and dieting. Thanks to some hard work, I've lost some fat, gained some muscle, grew a few inches, and cleared up my skin. A month or so ago a fashion / commercial modeling agency expressed some interest in me, so it's not like I haven't proven to myself how far I've come. But I do still look in the mirror and think to myself that there's still room for improvement.

    14) I don't think about it that way. I just want to have a good time while I am here. Accomplishing awesome things is a great way to have a good time, though. It's hard to satisfy my competitive urges, but maybe I'll do something so awesome I'll feel like I can rest.

    15) I'm going now. We'll see where this takes me.

    • This was totally supposed to be anonymous, ouch lol

    • Why did you want it to be anonymous? lol I see nothing wrong here

    • Well, that's good lol

      I guess I wanted it to be anonymous because I always think of internet posts like conversations. I don't like hogging space, I'd like to get to know who I'm talking to!

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What Guys Said 12

  • 1. Their walk.

    2. Yes. Excessive weight gain usually indicates depression.

    3. No preference.

    4. As long as it's not gray or balding.

    5. No preference.

    6. "What We All Come To Need" by Pelican.

    7. Tiring.

    8. My drive.

    9. My gut.

    10. They're cool, I have a couple of tats. There's a threshold though.

    11. None yet, but I'd like to have kids.

    12. I am not.

    13. I've been told so.

    14. Permanently influence US culture.

    15. I am going to university. I graduated from college a few years ago.

  • 1. Hair

    2. Yes

    3. Don't care

    4. Brunette

    5. Long

    6. I don't know I have too many, it changes depending on my mood

    7. Pretty good, I got one of my classes switched

    8. My awesomeness

    9. That I'm too awesome


    11. I plan too, so far it's looking pretty slim

    12. Yes

    13. Of course

    14. Probably start a family

    15. Yep, one semester to go

  • 1. face

    2. not really

    3. blue or green

    4. doesn't matter

    5. long

    6. skeleton song - sevendust

    7. nice lol urs?

    8. intelligence maybe

    9. I'm a little rude

    10. I like 'em and I have both

    11. Don't have yet, but I do plan

    12. no

    13. I wouldn't say good looking.. I think I'm normal

    14. Having a children would be nice

    15. not yet

  • 1. Face

    2. Depends on how healthy she is. I like to do a lot of exercising and if she can't exercise regularly then yes I would see it being a problem.

    3. I like all colors but there is something about green and blue eyes

    4. Doesn't matter personaly

    5. Perferably long

    6. To many to chose from

    7. Uneventfull

    8. My smile I suppose

    9. My nose its mis-shapend

    10. Tats a few are nice just no sleeves. And pierrcings only look good in your ear and for some women there nose.

    11. Yes

    12. Yes

    13. Average at best I would say

    14. Find a girl who can accept me for who I am

    15. Currently going

  • 1. eye's

    2. kinda but only because I'm very active and being fat would not work for my life style

    3. blue

    4. brown

    5. long and wavy

    6. I'm not alright- sanctus real

    7. had 3 classes, donated blood, ran 5 miles and cooked chicken alfrado

    8. my height, I'm taller than most people (it's one way I feel special), oh I'm 6'4"

    9. I procrastinate way to much

    10. they're OK in moderation

    11. yes

    12. yes, waiting until I get married

    13. sometimes and then other times I get knocked down a notch or 2

    14. I wanna find true love, ( I think that's the only way I'll ever be truly happy)

    15. In college now, school of chemical engieering

  • 1. Face, If she has nice eyes then they would be first

    2. If I loved them, no

    3. I find something about green eyes attractive

    4. brown / black

    5. short / medium

    6. Bloc Party - Where is Home? (Burial Remix)

    7. Very nice, thank you :)

    8. My compassion

    9. My social anxiety

    10. I don't like them but I don't judge people based on them

    11. I don't want children at the moment, maybe when I'm older and my perspective changes.

    Right now I just want to meet a fantastic girl

    12. No

    13. Above Average

    14. I want to get the positive attention of an entire country with my artwork or perform an act of good will that will truly change someone's life for the better.

    15. I'm starting College for video production this fall


  • 1. what do you notice first about the opposite gender? Their eyes

    2. if you were in love with someone would it matter to you if they got fat? Eh all depends

    3. when looking for a significant other what color eyes do you prefer? Green or brown

    4. what about hair color? Brown

    5. long or short? Mid.

    6. what's your favorite song? Little Wyte - Acid 2004

    7. how was your day? Just woke up babe. :p

    8. what's your favorite thing about yourself? My earlobes( everyone always asks me about them)

    9. what do you hate the most about yourself? That I started smoking cigs.

    10.what do you think of tats and piercings? Goddamn perferred

    11.do you have or plan on having children? To be honest I never really though about it

    12. are you a virgin? No

    13.do you think your a good looking person? Eh . Coulsd be better

    14. what's the one thing you want to accomplish before you die? Play drums with joey jordison

    15. are you or have you gone to college? I'm going soon once I finish highschol

  • 1 - face

    2 - Well, depends on how fat she'll get

    3 - as long a she has eyes, I've no problem

    4 - No preferences as such, but I love blonds

    5 - Long

    6 - A tout le monde - Megadeth

    7 - hmm.., just a normal cold day

    8 - My Athleticism

    9 - ermm...

    10 - I don't like piercings that much, tats, umm.. I wouldn't want a tattoo, I like my body, clean...

    11 - well, not in the near future, but would like to have kids with the right girl, when I'm financially stable

    12 - nope

    13 - yeah, thts what I've been told by my friends

    14 - I work in the tourism sector, and one day, I'd wanna have a my own travel agency, with branches across the world

    15 - no

  • 1) Face

    2) Well considering I only love family, I couldn't care less if they got fat.

    3) N/A. Significant others are for fags.

    4) " "

    5) Mine's pretty short :(

    6) N/A. I listen to too many sick songs to have a single favorite. Hell, I couldn't even have a favorite song for each genre.

    7) Decent.

    8) My squishy brain.

    9) My lack of stamina (when running)

    10) It depends. On whom?

    11) I would like 2, but I won't be having any.

    12) Fuck you.

    13) I know I'm not.

    14) N/A.

    15) I've taken 2 classes.

  • 1. Face/Butt

    2. Doubt it.

    3. I don't have a preference.

    4. Black or Really Light/Platinum Blonde

    5. Medium/Short. Between your chin and shoulders.

    6. Where's Da Bud-Three 6 Mafia

    7. Boring

    8. How nice and chill I am.

    9. My looks.

    10. I like pretty much any tattoo. I hate most piercings.

    11. I want 2 girls.

    12. 100% Virgin

    13. I think I'm Fugly.

    14. Getting a girlfriend.

    15. I have and I didn't stick with it. I plan on going back next fall to get an associate degree for graphic design.

  • 1. Face Mainly Hair.

    2. No, as Long as I'm Married to Her or in a Serious Relationship.

    3. Blue, Green, or Grey

    4. Red or Brown

    5. Long

    6. Pretty Much Pop and Rock not so Much Hardcore

    7. Awesome

    8. My Green Eyes

    9. I'm on the Large Side

    10. Alright as Long as There's Not A lot of Them

    11. Yes, Two Kids

    12. Hell No

    13. I'd Use the Word Alright

    14. I Want to Meet the Person I Want to Spend the Rest of my Life With

    15. Yes

  • face





    dont have one


    the ablitity to take a crap








What Girls Said 7

  • 1. Face

    2. Eh, as long as they weren't, like, super obese...

    3. I actually don't have much of a preference, but green are nice.

    4. Dark brown.

    5. Medium, haha. But I don't like really short hair, and don't mind long hair as long as it's not past shoulder length.

    6. Ever? I don't know.

    7. It was okay. Kind of boring and I procrastinated. D:

    8. I'm generally pretty nice (in real life, at least)

    9. See above - I'm too afraid to NOT be nice 24/7 that people walk all over me and I hardly ever speak my mind. :/ And a lot of other things, actually.

    10. They can be really cool...but can also be really horrible.

    11. Probably.

    12. Yeah.

    13. I'm okay.

    14. Travel to another country. Preferably several.

    15. Nope, I plan to though.

  • 1. Face

    2. Ehh, not really, idk.

    3. I don't really care, but green or hazel eyes are pretty =)

    4. Doesn't matter

    5. Doesn't matter

    6. I don't have one, too many to choose from

    7. Ahhhh crazy

    8. That I'm loyal, fun, and can get over ANY circumstance life throws my way

    9. Physical Stuff and I can be too emotional sometimes

    10. Tight :D

    11. I guess, idk

    12. Yup

    13. I'm normal

    14. A lot

    15. Hopefullllly!

  • 1. Eyes

    2. It wouldn't bother me if they gained a little weight. But if it gets to the point where they depend on others to take care of them (hygiene etc) then that's a problem.

    3. I love blue and green eyes. I think they are so sexy!

    4. I like dark hair

    5. Short

    6. To many to pick from

    7. Really good! I got paid!

    8.I got a big heart

    9. My big heart. ( people tend to break it alot)

    10. I don't mind them. (I have tats myself.)

    11. Someday I would like too

    12. Nope

    13. Yeah

    14. Start a family :)

    15. Going. For nursing

  • 1. Face

    2. No, but Id want them to be healthy.

    3. Doesn't matter too much, I dig darker eyes though

    4. Any, truthfully

    5. LOOOONG, generally.

    6. Depends on that day

    7. It was alright, I almost got ran over by a lawnmower.

    8. Uh...in what category?

    9. My laziness/untimeliness

    10. I really rikey. =}

    11. I don't want them, especially now, maybe when I am 35

    12. No

    13. Sure

    14. I would love to see the world.( how cliche)

    15. Senior art major right hurrrrrrrr

  • 1) Smile/Eyes

    2) Uh...yeah. Shallow as it is, I would care.

    3) I love green eyes but it really doesn't matter that much to me.

    4)Browns or Black

    5)Long enough to run my fingers through

    6)Dance with the Devil/Polyamorous

    7)Amazing :)

    8)Confidence :)

    9)There is no filter between my mouth and my brain...and it sometimes ends up hurting people :(

    10) Like and like

    11) I'm going to adopt. I won't have any of my own.

    12) Nope

    13) Yeah

    14)I will be going yess.

  • 1. how tall he is

    2. I wish my boyfriend would get a little fatter

    3. I realize I don't like blue or green eyes, I saw a super pale guy with dark hair and blue eyes and it was gross... and green eyes look like the green monster. My guys usually have brown eyes, like me.

    4. dark hair

    5. about 2 inches and permed? I know I'm wierd. my boyfriend won't get a perm for me. this sucks

    6. don't really have one... but our is once upon a dream from sleeping beauty

    7. it was boring, didn't do anything but about to go shopping for stuff in a minute

    8. I'm a Christian, so I feel I have God who always has my back

    9. I don't know, that people some times judge me because I'm asian. I had a lady at my last interview ask me my nationality and then say you asians always do stuff like that. racist.

    10. no thanks

    11. don't really want any

    12. no

    13. yes... but some times looks are a bad thing... people may only like you or want to be your friend because you are good looking =S

    14. buy a house

    15. yes

  • 1. face

    2. No

    3. no

    4. Any as long as they can rock it

    5. any as long as they can rock it

    6. hmm...

    7. alright.

    8. Iono

    9. When I snap

    10. It's coo

    11. When I'm ready

    12. no

    13. no

    14. Explore the globe =]

    15. yes

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