When we were alone she called me cute!

Girl problems?

Well I like this girl, she is my co worker, well anyway when we were alone she called me cute (which shocked me) because she attractive ( I think I'm ugly). Then one time I don't know if she was joking or not but she asked me out, surprised again I said sure. But nothing ever happened, she also rubbed my leg or could of been my *** don't know why? now I see her talking with other guys, she even kissed one on the cheek. So I don't know what to do? I try to say hi to her which is very hard for me, but that's as far as it gets. I just don't know why she is doing this?

She also said she was OK with me being a virgin WTF

thats what I look like if that helps



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  • Hi...u, I say keep distance from her...do not let her do ,what she wants...if you fall in her love ever that will b very hard to leave or forget her...so be careful before happening anything...okkk...i think she is not a virgin anymore ...because she rubbed her leg with u,that means she knows the taste of having sex...thats y when she gets you alone then she knocks you because if she gets you in her intimate moment...i think who are virgin they are comparetivly conservative... you shud observe her than you will see she is doing the samething with everyone...

    If any girls is nt a virgin then you can understand her,observing some symtoms those are :

    1) vagina will be inflated,that means specious

    2) butt will b inflated also

    3) nipple of breast will b towards the ground

    4) she will b expart in having sex

    5) when she will walk then there will be more space between two legs

    6) blood will not come during the sex...because hymen has been teared before anytime...

    N.B(hymen can be teared in cycling & running & jumping & masterbating...etc )...thanks for your time.bye

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