He looks at me like I'm an alien.

So our school just got a new foreign exchange student from Mexico and all the girls have been falling all over him. I'll admit he's pretty cute, but he starts at me like I'm some other kind of species, and I was kind of thinking it might be because I have naturally really light blond hair, blue eyes, and really pale skin, and that being from Mexico he might not see that often, but there are other girls with the same blond hair and blue eyes, with pale skin he hasn't given a second glance to. What do you think his deal with the staring is?


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  • I would say he's interested in you. you should talk to him.


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  • Doesn't hurt to ask, it will only make you stronger. You can either build your strength now, or you'll have this same question 10 years from now - I'm pretty sure you don't want to be there.

  • so a dude from mexico...an actual "alien" probably using a green card...looks at you like an "alien" because you are to him...if you moved to mexico, you'd be an alien...lol seriously tho...hes an immigrant, an alien, a foreigner...helloooo


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