Guys: how much makeup should a girl wear?

1. Foundation (to even skin tone)

2. concealer (under eyes/zits)

3. powder (to look less shiny)

4. blush

5. bronzer

6. eyeliner


8. eyeshadow (natural, smoky, bright...etc)

9. lip gloss vs. lipstick vs. chapstick

what means a girl "needs" makeup?


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  • The thing about makeup that I think EVERY girl needs to understand is that it's not supposed to make you look hotter/transform you. Makeup is supposed to make you look naturally flawless and that starts from the canvas.

    I do makeup on the sly and the one thing I tell my girls is take care of your skin. If you do that, you'll NEVER have to ask this question. You're skin will be radiant, clear, and beautiful because when you take care of your body, it flushes out all the toxins that ruin your complexion and cause girls to cake on the makeup.

    And that's too much makeup. Trying to hide everything. Take a note from Parisian women. Who I love. They look ethereal and fresh because all you need is an even skin tone and a little bit of mascara.

    This is my personal list:

    1) Tinted Moisturizer - Just to add a bit of coverage and even skin tone. Not so cakey and looks fresh because you're not hiding every little thing

    2) Concealer - Exclusive to discoloration, blemishes, and zits.

    3) Mascara and Eyelash curler - to brighten eyes

    4) A Good tinted lip balm


    5) A blush close to your natural flush

    6) Bronzer, eyeliners (brown, black, a color that compliments eye color)

    I know this is really long, but I am avid about natural looking makeup. I like being able to wake up to someone in the morning and I still look the same as when I went to bed.

    • Thats exactly what I wear, except not bronzer, cos I suck at putting it on. xD

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  • depends how ugly she is

    • Do guys care if girls look shiny?

    • Like I said, do they NEED to look shiny? A girl will always look better natural

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  • Well, all the guys I know like my face the way it is and I don't even wear all that makeup

    I have really nice skin, no scars or blemishes

    and a healthy natural glow

    i generally just curl my lashes, put a bit of mascara

    some lipstain to make my lips look kissable without the ickiness of lipgloss

    (guys hate when that stuff kisses onto them)

    on occassion I'll smudge a little eyeliner into my eyelash line

    and put a bit of highlighter or some sparkly eyeshadow on the inner corners of my eye

    the top of my cheekbone and the arch of my eyebrows

    and I think that's about it for makeup that a girl should wear

  • This is the most makeup I think girls should wear:

    Foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, chapstick and MAYBE like blush if you're really pale. If you add too much of the other stuff you run the risk of looking fake.

    I know I'm not a guy but hopefully I helped?