Girls wearing scarves... a turnoff?

I heard a guy friend say this the other day. Do you guys find girls wearing scarfs unattractive?

Oh and what other clothing do you find unattractive?

Uggs -> that bad even when freezing temps?


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  • my boyfriend and I was just talking about this the other day actually. I love scarfs when in the spring time I'll have a flirty fun silk scarf on cause it just adds to my outfit. My boyfriend has no idea why I do it. He doesn't find it a turn off, but it's another one of those fashion things that guys are confused by


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  • scarves: adorable and a big plus if you have a preppy style. neutral if you dont.

    uggs: among the ugliest things I've ever seen, but I've given up on trying to convince women of this.

  • if a guy says something is a turn off, then why should you even care? your not into him, why bother. go for a guy whos gonna like your style not someone whos gonna diss it

    • Yeah, what he said. Wear what you want. Some people will like it, some people wont, but it's only what you like that really matters.

    • I plan to wear what I want, a comment won't make me change =) I was just curious as if other people felt this way since I had never heard of this before.

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