What are your deal breakers when it comes to dating?

the title pretty much says it


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  • party girl, unwilling to do anything sexual, uses sex as a weapon (ie "do this or you aren't getting laid tonight")


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  • Herpes.

  • not breathing

  • never reaches into her wallet

    expects the guy to do everything

    has no realistic goals in life

    isn't pursuing a serious career

    has issues with sex

    is insecure

    is the jealous type

    is clingy and needy

    is dishonest and manipulative

    looking to get married

    plays games & hard to get

    has issues with men

    has no respect for men in general

    has no respect for me

    her idea of relationships revolve around catering to her desires and needs

    dresses like she's from Saudi Arabia or Amishville Utah

    tries to sound smart or intelligent

    tries to make her life sound more interesting than it is

    looks down on other women

    has more than 20 pairs of shoes

    has ugly or tacky shoes

    thinks the shoes she has are cute or fashionable when they're not

    has more than four handbags / purses

    has more than two pairs of sunglasses

    excessive make-up

    has issues with food and eating

    tries to use emotional blackmail and guilt during the relationship

    has no problems making illogical arguments

    has a sense of entitlement and pride

    has a personality disorder

    doesn't know how to handle money

    spends more than half her income each month on personal things

    has no concept of saving or investing for the future

    expects only the guy to be responsible for things like that

    works at a job that earns her less money because it's easier

    feels her role as a woman is to be a good wife and mother and let the guy be everything else

    her circle of friends are basically trash or losers

  • A penis

  • Lying and not liking kids she doesn't have to love them or want to have them but has to be able to be around them.

  • For me. its the following:

    always bitchy (sometimes is ok)



    does drugs

    gets drunk often

    if she's bisexual

    dumb as a rock

    doesn't have good hygiene

    That's all I can think of right now.


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