What do guys like most about girls?

OK.. so I have never had good luck with guys. I just want to know what guys like most about girls and what catches you attention at first. Do y'all really care that much about looks that it determines whether you would date the girl or not? and what could a girl do that would make you interested in her?


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  • as to me I respond to colors. like a bee, the yellows and oranges catch my attention first. yes looks are very important to every person. if a girl is missing a few teeth in the front I'm not taking her out.

    but guys are different in many ways. some guys are body part, or style, looks, and even sex appeal. its best to know which one of these grouping are you. next is friendly-ness. guys like an approachable chick.

    • Well I don't really think yellow is my color lol because I have blond hair but Thanks for the advice! Maybe it will help! :) I hope haha

    • Hey that is mean, you should pick your class then think about what you like the guys to think of you.

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  • Okay here's how a guy approaches.

    Guy is walking down the street, first 3 things on the agenda: breasts, face, curves (just like slim rest of the body is fit basically) and maybe ass if that's their thing. Next move, they approach for conversation because they are an attractive candidate for conversation, usually a smile is the cue to approach. Next is personality, you're talking, if she talks too much/is annoying/is really boring that's a check down. Even as adults both guys and girls alike need constant entertainment or they'll lose interest. Once this happens a guy or girl (if the girl does it = 10x better) number close, you get his number or vice versa. You guys can continue to chat and then make a date. Obviously there's loads of little details but that's the basic rundown.

    There is no luck to getting guys, if you have a great personality and you're beautiful you'll attract guys in your own time.

    NOTE: NEVER FORGET. Its like 100000000x sexier if a girl asks a guy out or asks the guy for the number, this is not the 1960s! 21st century girls can do this!

  • i like the way they smell


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